The Stages of Labor: A Visual Guide for Teens 3rd Edition

Inform and empower young parents with a video designed just for them



This all-new video program was carefully crafted to engage your young adult learners. Since teens learn best when they can relate to the material, these video clips sensitively and modestly feature the real birth stories of four young mothers and their partners or support people. Clear animation of the labor process aids their understanding of the stages of labor. After viewing the program, teen parents will feel more informed and empowered for their own birth experience.

What’s new in the 3rd edition?

  • New video footage and improved vivid 3-D animation
  • Current evidence-based information including the addition of the 4th stage of labor, emphasis on skin-to-skin contact, updated labor information, enhanced lightening animation, and mention of epidural and induction
  • Fun, fresh graphics (teen-tested and approved!)
  • A comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide with best practices, in-class activity ideas, and helpful worksheets and handouts
  • Short clips allow for more targeted teaching
  • Program available on DVD and USB


Video clips include:

  • Introduction
  • Anatomy of Pregnancy
  • Signs Labor Is Near
  • Start of Labor
  • 1st Stage: Early Labor
  • 1st Stage: Active Labor
  • 1st Stage: Transition
  • 2nd Stage: Contractions & Pushing
  • 2nd Stage: Descent & Birth
  • 3rd & 4th Stages

 An easy-to-use menu allows you to choose the playlist you need and the option to play a group of video clips or just a single clip!

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Product Notes:

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Additional information

Closed Captioning

English Only

Release Year

2020, (Spanish – 2007)

Program Length

37 min.



Number of Volumes

Single Volume


  • Platinum Best of Show - Fitness/Health

    Aurora Awards
  • Silver Award - How-To/Instructional

    29th Annual Telly Awards
  • Bronze Award - Patient Education

    HeSCA Media Festivals


  • Bundled with a facilitator’s guide, this is a must for parenting courses, and highly recommended for general collections.

    Video Librarian
  • The information is clear and concise, illustrations are well done, and the students easily understand the content concepts.

    Maggie Payne - Teen Parent Program Director, Poudre School District

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