Healthy Steps for Teen Parents 2nd Edition

Healthier teen pregnancies, births, and babies.



This is your one-stop program to help teens navigate life from the first signs of pregnancy through birth, diapers, and finishing school. Created specifically to hold the attention of young adults, this series uses an encouraging, real-world approach to show teens how to succeed as young parents.

Content Includes:

Volume 1: Pregnancy

  • Prenatal Care & Nutrition – telling someone you’re pregnant, prenatal visits, nutrition, weight gain, warning signs
  • Protecting Your Baby – avoiding harmful substances
  • Physical & Emotional Changes – exercise, dental health, sleep, premature labor signs, emotional changes, relationship abuse 
  • Getting Support – friends and family, staying in school, alternative education options

Volume 2: Labor & Birth

  • Anatomy & Birth – 3D anatomy of a pregnancy, labor signs, labor support, positions for labor, natural labor techniques
  • Medical Procedures – induction, analgesics, epidural, amniotomy, Pitocin, cesarean
  • Newborns – appearance, skin-to-skin contact, rooming-in, colostrum, lactation support

Volume 3: Postpartum

  • Physical Recovery & Postpartum Emotions – healing process, signs of infection, nutrition, rest, exercise, baby blues, signs of postpartum depression
  • Baby Care & Behaviors – well-baby visits, feeding, sleeping, crying, bathing, diapering, when to call the doctor, SIDS, second-hand smoke, abusive head trauma (shaken baby syndrome), newborn senses
  • Relationships & Parenting – establishing paternity, co-parenting, birth control, positive relationships, living situations, friend and family support, finishing school, childcare options

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English Only

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Program Length

Vol. 1, 31 min. • Vol. 2, 32 min. • Vol. 3, 32 min.



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3 Vol Set.: $499.85 • Single Vol.: $199.95


  • Gold Award - Fitness/Health

    2011 Aurora Awards
  • Bronze Award - Health & Wellness

    2010/11 Telly Awards


  • The convenient chapter breaks make Healthy Steps for Teen Parents 2nd Edition perfect for Centering Pregnancy groups. We can watch a few minutes of video and then dive into deeper discussions.

    Jennifer Fields, CNM, MS - Bloom (Teen Pregnancy) Program Coordinator, CNM
  • I thought these DVDs were entertaining and informative. The graphics and music are cool! I really like hearing teen moms talking about their experiences. I would recommend this series for not just pregnant teens, but think all teens should watch it.

    Tyler - 17

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