Alcohol & Pregnancy: Making Healthy Choices

Teach the importance of an alcohol-free pregnancy.



This powerful program shows the dangers of drinking during pregnancy, while giving moms strategies for staying alcohol-free. Motivational, encouraging, and solution-oriented.

Content Includes:

  • Your Unborn Baby – 3D animation shows how alcohol reaches the fetus, explains Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and its effects on a child’s brain development, physical health, and behavior
  • The Alcohol-Free Lifestyle – how to be alcohol-free during pregnancy, personal stories, breastfeeding and alcohol, avoiding alcohol if you are trying to conceive, partner support
  • Knowing Your Risk & Getting Help – alcohol facts, recognizing alcohol abuse

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  • This DVD has a clear, effective message that is delivered in a gentle way. The graphics comparing a normal child to a child affected by FASD are eye-opening.  Having a foster parent speaking as an expert, rather than a doctor or other professional, is more palatable for young people—the message is non-judgmental and caring from someone who has a lot of direct experience with FASD children. It confirms that FASD is real without using a lot of statistics.

    Sandy Nelson, MA, MAC, CAC III - Addictions Therapist
  • This video makes an informed, no-nonesence case for not drinking during pregancy and for drinking responsibly, or not at all, during all phases of parenting. As always with InJoy videos, the animated graphics are exceptional.

    Darcy Kamin, RN - Certified Lactation Consultant, Pre/Peri-Natal Health Educator
  • This program is upbeat and easy to watch with a clear message about the dangers of drinking.

    Eileen Bisgard, JD - 17th Judicial District, Executive Director NOFAS Colorado

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