Understanding Postpartum Health & Baby Care Book + Guided Learning Web App

Overcome bedside discharge teaching challenges & provide personalized education from hospital to home.



Developed with guidance from a team of nurses, managers, and parents, this completely revamped postpartum patient education resource streamlines discharge teaching and helps you overcome the most common challenges 

Specially Designed to Help You: 

  • Deliver education that spans new parents’ hospital stay and beyond  
  • Strengthen nurse-patient communication and patient satisfaction 
  • Comply with patient DEI initiatives and Joint Commission requirements 
  • Reduce your patients’ risk of maternal mortality and morbidity  
  • Ensure all patients receive the same evidence-based information 

What’s Included: 

  • QR codes for parents to watch essential videos and large video library
  • Discharge learning checklist 
  • Warning signs explained simply with pictures, words, and videos 
  • Text written in plain, gender-neutral language 
  • Web app with multi-language access and accessibility features
  • Personalized learning path
  • Expanded content to 6 months, with opt-in reminder emails
  • Informational handouts and an eBook

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Product Notes

  • Upgraded web app with personalized learning path, all-new videos, multiple languages, read-along audio, and expanded content to 6 months
  • Includes information and videos about patient satisfaction that align with the HCAHPS survey
  • Included staff training makes implementation easy
  • Ask about customization options to connect parents to your services
  • Content reviewed and updated regularly
  • Web app available for purchase without books—call for details
  • Choose Your Version. This resource is available in a standard version (with information about formula) or in a version suitable for Baby-Friendly® hospitals (without information about formula; add the Formula & Bottle Feeding tear pad to be provided by patient request). Be sure to select the correct version to meet your needs when ordering.

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Product Purchase Includes

Book with access to web app (compatible with computers & mobile devices). Customization options available. Call for details.


Determined by quantity ordered. (10-unit minimum per order. Call for discount pricing for English book quantities over 500)

Product Dimensions

8" x 11" Full-Color Booklet

Number of Pages


Video Clips

55 in web app

Product Features

1-Web App includes 55 videos, 205 web pages, accessibility features, parent tools, handouts, ebook and more. Multi-language access: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese.


  • Silver Award - Best Interactive Website

    eHealthcare Leadership Awards
  • 2021 ClearMark Plain Language Award Of Distinction

  • 2018 ClearMark Plain Language Award

    Judge's Comments: "This is an outstanding booklet on all counts. Audience-focused, well organized, clear and well designed."
  • Bronze Award - Best Website

    Health Information Awards


  • All of the information new parents need all in one place. Great videos and very useful information.

    Angela Hinton, RN, BSN
  • I love using InJoy books with the families I serve. These guides are designed with great care and include essential information for new parents. I appreciate the video content included that makes it easy to access and revisit. Wonderful!

    Beth Pingel, BA
  • A comprehensive guide for navigating life with a new baby! Important topics regarding mother and baby care are covered concisely and clearly. The book and website are well organized, visually rich, and perfect for today’s technologically savvy parents.

    Janet Crawford, RN, BSN, LCCE
  • This is an excellent guide and resource. The information is succinct and very useful. The accompanying website and video clips are equally as wonderful!

    Elizabeth Pericat, MD
  • This book and website enables new parents to absorb essential postpartum information in the privacy of their home when they are ready for it. Since many of our patients are visual learners, they will take in even more as they watch demonstrations and hear information. Enjoy!

    Debi Alfson, RN (postpartum), Exempla Lutheran Medical Center

Content Includes:

  • Postpartum Health
  • Warning Signs
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Newborn Care & Safety
  • Feeding
  • Infant Development & Lifestyle
  • Information to 6 Months
Special Situations Covered in Learning Path:
  • Cesarean Recovery
  • Late Preterm Infants
  • Multiples
  • Information for Dads & Partners

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