7 Steps to Reduce the Risk of SIDS (2013 Update)

Preventative measures that make a difference.



Updated to reflect current American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) safety guidelines and recommendations, this DVD gently guides new parents through seven easy steps that help reduce the risk of SIDS.

Updates Include:

  • Proven benefits of breastfeeding
  • Safe mattress and crib recommendations 
  • Importance of well-baby visits and vaccinations
  • Reducing the risk with good prenatal care 
  • Avoiding products that claim to reduce the risk of SIDS 
  • All-new graphics and more!

Content Includes:

  • Back Sleeping – optimal sleep position, preventing flat spot on baby’s head, tummy time
  • Safe Sleep Environment – crib safety, firm mattress, benefits of room-sharing, dangers of co-sleeping
  • Pacifiers for Sleep – keeps airways open, tips on proper use
  • Smoking & Alcohol – prenatal care, keeping home and car smoke-free
  • Breastfeeding – proven benefits, increases awareness, duration of breastfeeding lowers risk
  • Avoid Overheating – maintaining safe room temperatures, clothing, blankets, sick baby
  • Well-Baby Visits – staying on schedule, vaccinations reduce risk

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Program Length

15 min.



Number of Volumes

Single Volume

Program Consultants

Judy Bannon • Kristi Conroy BA, IBCLC • Tamara Drechsler-Corbeil, RN, MSN • Sherry Iverson, RN, BS • Lynette Link,, Patient Educator • Sandy Nipper BSN RN • Jennifer Shu, M.D. • Roxy Swoboda, ICCE, BA • Edie Wilkerson, RN • Lane Volpe


  • Health Promotion

    National Health Information Awards

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