Understanding Your Newborn 2nd Edition: Video Program

The must-have video for baby care instructors



This evidence-based baby care video program features parent and pediatrician interviews, instructive demonstrations, and beautiful footage of diverse families. Learners will walk away with confidence in their ability to care for their baby and be able to distinguish between what’s normal and when to call their healthcare provider.

The must-have visual aid for baby care classes. This video supports your teaching with clear visuals for every teaching point. It was reviewed and approved by a group of baby care educators and lactation consultants, so you can be confident that it demonstrates proper techniques and shares the latest guidelines.

Program versions & playlists allow for flexible teaching. The DVD and USB come with the following program versions:

  • Program Includes Breastfeeding Only (suitable for Baby-Friendly hospitals)
  • Program Includes Alternative Feeding Methods (facilities with a BFHI designation should review their guidelines to determine if the use of this version is appropriate)
  • Both versions include an Express playlist for short classes
  • If you purchase the USB format, you will also be able to create and save your own custom playlists! (Be sure to select the USB format when ordering if you want this custom feature.)

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What’s new in the 2nd Edition?

  • Updated guidelines from the AAP and CDC
  • Gender-neutral language
  • Friendly pediatrician presents warning signs
  • Recurring elements focus on bonding and interaction
  • Expanded information on reflexes, infant states, safe sleep, bathing, and more
  • Updated modern graphics and improved shaken baby animation
  • Ability to play short clips from prebuilt playlists, including express playlists (plus, custom playlists available on USB format)
  • Revised User Guides, Facilitator’s Guide, and Parent Handouts

Additional information

Closed Captioning


Program Length

2nd Edition: Approx 60 min, 1st Edition: Approx 39 Min



Product Purchase Includes

Facilitator's Guide & Parent Handouts

Number of Volumes

Single Volume


2nd Edition English $299.95, 1st Edition Spanish $249.95


Postpartum/New Baby Care

Chapters Include:

  • Newborn Traits (3 clips)
  • Newborn Behaviors (2 clips)
  • Crying & Comforting (3 clips)
  • Feeding (3-4 clips)
  • Diapering (2 clips)
  • Bathing, Nails, & Dressing (2 clips)
  • Newborn Health (3 clips)
  • Newborn Safety (2 clips)

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