InJoy can help you reach those that are hardest to reach.

Like you, we care about families. We provide affordable educational tools — covering prenatal through early parenting — that increase engagement with your clients from all backgrounds and empower change. Together, we can make a difference in people’s lives and break unhealthy cycles. Our products make collaboration between you and your clients easier because they are designed to stimulate conversation and sharing.

InJoy works with many organizations in the public health sector, including 1,800 state and county health departments, 3,500 community health centers, and 800 pregnancy centers. We also have long-standing relationships with specific programs such as, NFP, WIC, and Head Start.


  • Department of Health/Public Health Services
  • Community Education/Family Resource Centers
  • Community Health Centers
  • WICs
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Foundation/Charity/Religious Organizations
  • Military Family Services
  • Pregnancy Centers
  • Social/Health Service Agencies
  • Substance Abuse Treatment/Residential Facilities
  • Tribal Health Organizations
  • Home Health Services (NFP, VNA, etc.)


  • Budget constraints:
    Working with a limited budget is difficult. We can help you maximize it. The quality of our materials will show your funders they are worth the investment.
  • Low engagement and interest:
    It’s not always easy to engage your clients. Because our products are such high quality, visual, diverse, and include real stories, your clients relate more. We appeal to young parents with our digital formats, casting, and contemporary look.
  • Comprehension and retention of information:
    We help you educate your core demographics with a focus on health literacy. Clear writing, videos, and animations are at the core of our products.
  • Breaking cycles:
    We have the same goal, so our products show diversity, model healthy behaviors, and dispel myths.
  • Varied needs and settings:
    You have multiple needs. Finding a partner that can meet all of them is vital to success. We can provide you with the best materials and flexible teaching formats for your program.


Director at Department of Public Health

Sometimes it’s a struggle to work within my budget constraints while at the same time appeal to diverse learners and learning styles. I work with InJoy not only for the quality and depth of content of the product line — and its focus on diversity and inclusion — but also because their team works with me to maximize my budget. InJoy products help me promote health literacy, model healthy behaviors, and clear up some of the myths out there.


Director of a Pregnancy Center

I am always looking for tools to make my programs better. I came to InJoy because I want easy, affordable, current, accessible, and proven. I use InJoy products to empower my moms and to inspire them toward positive outcomes. I care so much about my clients I only want to give them the best.

Our Promise to You

Every InJoy childbirth education resource is…


Each product includes clear, high-quality videos and animations, helping you explain concepts easily and effectively.


InJoy’s experienced team, professional videography, and extensive quality-assurance process means you can trust that an InJoy product is a superior product.


We present evidence-based guidelines, utilize expert reviews, and update our products regularly, so you can be assured you are sharing the best information.


The colorful, fresh design used in every product appeals to today’s parents and helps them engage with the content—all while making your organization look good!


We listen to and collaborate with our customers every step of the way, so our products cover what you teach and are easy to use.

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