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Our podcasts feature enlightening interviews with health educators, leaders, influencers, and advocates in maternal-child health who focus on transforming care through education. Tune in, learn, and be inspired by these empowering leaders who are passionate about making a difference—just like you. Podcast themes include innovation in the classroom, best care practices, new guidelines, patient/client engagement, and marketing/outreach. You’ll get ideas you can implement right away!

Season 3 Episode 8: Intimate Partner Violence in Teens with Mary Jo Podgurski of The Academy for Adolescent Health

  First love is often thought of as special, sweet and innocent.  But sometimes that relationship can turn toxic.  As health professionals, we can make a difference in a young person’s life. In this episode we will discuss how pregnant and parenting teens are affected by abuse from a dating partner.  We will also learn… Read More »

Season 3 Episode 7: Educating Grandparents in the Modern Age with Andi Quinn of Unity Point Health St. Luke’s Hospital

Having a baby is a special time in parents’ lives. Grandparents remember the good and not so good times of bringing up their own babies.  They remember what worked for them and want to pass that information on to their children. However, best practices change frequently with maternal-child health.  What the grandparents were taught as… Read More »

Season 3 Episode 6: Go Team Birth! With Dr. Kimberly Dever of South Shore Hospital & Amber Weiseth of Ariadne Labs

  We spoke with Dr. Kimberly Dever of South Shore Hospital and Amber Weiseth of Ariadne Labs about the Team Birth Project. This collaborative effort changes the standard approach to clinical care and has earned national attention. Their strategies foster communication and empower women and families with the goal of improving the safety and dignity… Read More »

Season 3 Episode 5: When Dad Gets Baby Blues: Adjusting to Fatherhood & Paternal Depression/Anxiety with Dr. Kevin Gruenberg, PsyD & Gabrielle Kauffman of Maternal Mental Health NOW

Today we will explore the transition dads and partners face during pregnancy and postpartum that sometimes leads to paternal perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Kevin Gruenberg, PsyD, is a psychologist in private practice in Los Angeles who co-developed a home visitation program for fathers and their young children meant to promote paternal engagement and… Read More »

Season 3 Episode 4: Twins & More! Multiple Birth Trends & Education with Nancy Bowers of Marvelous Multiples, Inc.

Parents of multiples face unique challenges. Today we will be speaking with Nancy Bowers about the importance of multiples-focused classes, what’s new in research, and trends surrounding multiple births. Nancy Bowers, BSN, RN, MPH, is a perinatal nurse educator with 40 years in maternal-infant and infertility care. A mother of twins herself, she is a… Read More »

Season 3 Episode 3: No More Herding Cats: Coordinating Education Across a Health System with Jess Sember of Geisinger Health System

Health systems continue to expand their reach, so it is important to consolidate resources and programs.  Offering cohesive educational resources to patients can be part of the consolidation.  Jessica Sember received her MSN with a specialization of Leadership and Organizational Development.  Jessica’s nursing career has been within women’s health.  She has had various roles in… Read More »

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Debbie is the Customer Relations Manager at InJoy. Working with families as an educator and doula since 1987 and after using InJoy products in her work since 1994, Debbie joined the InJoy team in 2013. She continues to be involved with families as a doula and a childbirth educator on a part-time basis. She teaches, writes and speaks on various birth, postpartum and building family subjects. Debbie is a past president of DONA International and was the Managing Editor for the International Doula for eight years.

She has a BA in Health Promotion: Women’s Health and is working toward a Master’s in Leadership through Grand Canyon University. Debbie has interviewed many leading professionals in the Maternal/Child field.