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Our podcasts feature enlightening interviews with health educators, leaders, influencers, and advocates in maternal-child health who focus on transforming care through education. Tune in, learn, and be inspired by these empowering leaders who are passionate about making a difference—just like you. Podcast themes include innovation in the classroom, best care practices, new guidelines, patient/client engagement, and marketing/outreach. You’ll get ideas you can implement right away!


Season 5 Episode 2: A Pregnancy For Every Body with Jen McLellan of Plus Size Birth

  When Jen was pregnant in 2010, she realized that she was being treated differently because she exists in a larger body.  Determined to make her plan for an unmedicated birth a reality, Jen researched and found a midwife who supported and encouraged her to pursue the birth plan she wanted.  After the birth of her baby, she decided to start a blog to… Read More »

Season 5 Episode 1: USLCA: A Look Inside the Organization, with Michelle Stulberger (President) and Danielle Harmon (Executive Director) of USLCA

USLCA (United States Lactation Consultant Association), founded in 2006, is an organization that supports the advancement of lactation professionals of all types in the United States.  Their aim is to make sure all families have support to meet their breastfeeding goals by advocating for the value of lactation care providers who contribute to the family healthcare team and are active in other community health… Read More »

Season 4 Episode 8: Spinning Babies – Comfort in Pregnancy and Easier Births with Gail Tully

  Curiosity about why one woman labored in a straightforward manner and a woman in a similar situation struggled much more led Gail Tully to ask why.  She dug in to understand not only the role of the pelvic bones in labor but also the soft tissues that can either create a good pathway or block baby’s progress through them.  Listen to her story and how she developed new techniques and reimagined some older… Read More »

Season 4 Episode 7: Vaginal Breech Birth: New Insights with Rixa Freeze, PhD

Rixa Freeze has a PhD from the University of Iowa and is a researcher, professor, and mother of four children. Her current research specialization is vaginal breech birth. She is the president of Breech Without Borders, a 501(c)3 nonprofit and teaches at a private liberal arts college. She blogs at Stand and Deliver. Listen and… Read More »

Season 4 Episode 6: Lamaze International: Yesterday, Today, and the Future with Christen Sadler of Lamaze

  Listen as Christen Sadler, Immediate Past President of Lamaze, tells us more about Lamaze’s beginnings, how they have grown, and where the future may be taking them.  Christen shares ways the organization advances their mission: “Advancing Safe & Healthy Birth for Everyone, Everywhere.”  Learn more about Lamaze’s current projects, including research and advocacy to help not only the educators but also parents in this country and others.    A Registered Nurse for over 25 years,… Read More »

Season 4 Episode 5 (Part 2): Growing a Healthy Rainbow Baby with Katherine Hyde-Hensley

  In Life After Loss Part 1, Katherine tells her story of loss and how it impacted her personal growth and her family.  Be sure to give it a listen.  (Click here for part 1) Listen to Part 2 as we continue to follow Katherine’s journey to becoming a Perinatal Bereavement Psychotherapist and having her Rainbow Baby Alice.  She always desired to have a big… Read More »

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Debbie is the Customer Relations Manager at InJoy. Working with families as an educator and doula since 1987 and after using InJoy products in her work since 1994, Debbie joined the InJoy team in 2013. She continues to be involved with families as a doula and a childbirth educator on a part-time basis. She teaches, writes and speaks on various birth, postpartum and building family subjects. Debbie is a past president of DONA International and was the Managing Editor for the International Doula for eight years.

She has a BA in Health Promotion: Women’s Health and is working toward a Master’s in Leadership through Grand Canyon University. Debbie has interviewed many leading professionals in the Maternal/Child field.