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Our podcasts feature enlightening interviews with health educators, leaders, influencers, and advocates in maternal-child health who focus on transforming care through education. Tune in, learn, and be inspired by these empowering leaders who are passionate about making a difference—just like you. Podcast themes include innovation in the classroom, best care practices, new guidelines, patient/client engagement, and marketing/outreach. You’ll get ideas you can implement right away!

Season 7 Episode 1: Creating Breastfeeding-Friendly Communities: One County’s Commitment to Breastfeeding with Patricia Soriano Guzman BSBA, IBCLC, ICCE, PMH-C, PRaM

In 2016, when the NYS DOH put out a request for application to receive the Creating Breastfeeding Friendly Communities (CBFC) Grant, the Rockland County Lactation community united to support and work together for this initiative. At that time, 86.6% of new mothers in the state initiated breastfeeding, but only 56% were still breastfeeding at six… Read More »

Season 6 Episode 7: Safely Preventing Primary (NTSV) Cesarean Delivery—A Conversation with David C. Lagrew Jr. M.D.

Listen in as we discuss promoting Vaginal Nulliparous Term Singleton Vertex (NTSV) birth to decrease the risk of maternal morbidity and mortality. Dr. Lagrew agrees with a past president of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Vincenzo Berghella, who said, “Physicians do need to balance risks and benefits, and for some clinical conditions, cesarean is definitely… Read More »

Season 6 Episode 6: Preeclampsia: A Personal Point of View with Lauren Larsen

Pregnancy and birth are often portrayed with a single brush as if all these experiences are basically the same for every birthing person. But for Lauren and her family, that was far from the truth. The anticipation of the ideal birth ended abruptly and unexpectedly when her husband arrived home early with flowers one day,… Read More »

Season 6 Episode 5: Preeclampsia: What Every Educator Should Know with Adriane Burgess

Adriane Burgess PhD, RNC-OB, CCE, CNE, C-ONQS (she/hers) Director, Quality Improvement-Service Lines (Women and Children, Primary Care, Oncology)  Ob/Gyn Residency Research Director     Awareness of preeclampsia can reduce its impact for families.  Two to eight percent of birthing parents have preeclampsia.  The old adage that “delivery is the cure for preeclampsia” can no longer be used… Read More »

Season 6 Episode 4: Mother-Baby Bond: How Attachment Changes the Epigenome, Brain Development, and Health Outcomes with Laurel Wilson of MotherJourney

The words bonding and attachment are common words, but what is the deeper meaning behind those words for new parents and their newborns or yet-to-be born babies?  How can parents connect with their newborn in utero?  How will the attachment before and after the baby is born affect the epigenomes, brain development, and future health… Read More »

Season 6 Episode 3: Adult Learning Principles Make a Difference in Your Classroom with Kristen Gosse, MEd, of InJoy Health Education

  This episode was recorded on 5/23/22    The students and patients that you interact with have far different expectations for learning than a K-12 student.  They are with you for a very specific reason and expect you to give them relevant information they can use right away that they can incorporate with what they… Read More »

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Debbie is the Customer Relations Manager at InJoy. Working with families as an educator and doula since 1987 and after using InJoy products in her work since 1994, Debbie joined the InJoy team in 2013. She continues to be involved with families as a doula and a childbirth educator on a part-time basis. She teaches, writes and speaks on various birth, postpartum and building family subjects. Debbie is a past president of DONA International and was the Managing Editor for the International Doula for eight years.

She has a BA in Health Promotion: Women’s Health and is working toward a Master’s in Leadership through Grand Canyon University. Debbie has interviewed many leading professionals in the Maternal/Child field.