The Stages of Labor 3rd Edition: A Visual Guide

The most revealing look inside childbirth.



By familiarizing parents-to-be with the natural process of labor, you can reduce fears and increase feelings of preparedness. Stunning 3D animation of a baby inside her mother’s womb helps you teach the four stages of labor. Combined with real birth footage, this comprehensive program shows common emotions during labor, demonstrates coping methods, and provides helpful tips for support people. If you’re looking for the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and professional way to teach the stages of labor—this is it!


  • Stunning animation of mother and baby gives a realistic view of anatomy and birth physiology
  • All new birth footage and interviews with relatable families
  • Early/active labor information updated based on new research
  • Addition of the fourth stage of labor, including physiological changes and bonding
  • More emphasis on skin-to-skin contact and keeping mother and baby together after birth

BONUS: Digital Posters
These vivid graphics allow for quick access to clear visuals that help you review topics or answer questions in your own words.

Content Includes:

  • Anatomy of Pregnancy – uterus, cervix, vagina, mucous plug, placenta, umbilical cord, amniotic sac and fluid
  • Pre-Labor Signs – Braxton-Hicks contractions, lightening, mucous plug, other signs
  • Onset of Labor– contractions, water breaking, COAT
  • The Four Stages of Labor – overview, length of labor
  • First Stage – contractions, cervical effacement and dilation, emotions, support, when to go to the hospital, internal rotation, fetal positions
  • Second Stage – contractions, emotions, support, pelvic station, bony plates, crowning, birth
  • Third Stage – Skin-to-skin contact, placenta
  • Fourth Stage involution, afterpains, breastfeeding


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34 min.


13 – adult


  • Health and Wellness

    Telly Awards


  • I LOVE this new version of The Stages of Labor.The animation is much better, and illustrating more of the partner’s support role in each phase is very helpful. I’m thrilled that you have added up-to-date and valuable content on the Third and Fourth Stages, emphasizing mother’s and baby’s mutual interactions. And the diversity of the families (always admirably represented in InJoy products) makes this film applicable and appealing to everyone. I will happily use this film in all my childbirth classes and doula trainings.

    Penny Simkin, PT, CD (DONA) Author, Co-Founder of DONA International, Senior Faculty and Namesake of the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations and Bastyr University

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