Childhood Nutrition: Preventing Obesity

Raising a healthier generation of children.



This newly updated program gives parents and caregivers the tools they need to make the best nutritional choices for children, starting at birth! It conveys a powerful message—what and how we feed our children matters, and instilling healthy eating habits early in childhood can help prevent obesity later in life.

Featuring these updates:

  • 2010 Dietary Guidelines information
  • USDA’s “MyPlate”
  • Latest AAP guidelines on food choking prevention
  • Current food allergy recommendations
  • More emphasis on low-cal, nutrient-packed food choices like fruits and vegetables
  • How to read “Nutrition Fact” food labels
  • Fresh look with modern graphics and a new host
  • BONUS: Includes a short clip for kids promoting a healthy lifestyle

Content Includes: 

Volume 1: Feeding Your Baby (Birth to Age 1)

  • Breastmilk and Formula – benefits of breastfeeding, hunger and satiation cues, bonding, safe formula feeding
  • Starting Solids – signs of being ready for solids, iron-rich first foods, age-appropriate portion sizes and food textures
  • Baby Food Basics – common first foods, food allergies, safe baby food preparation, feeding routines
  • Self-Feeding – introducing finger foods, avoiding extra fats and added sugars and salts, choking hazards
  • Family Meals – tips for eating together as a family, active playtime, screen time recommendations

Volume 2: Young Children Eating Right (Ages 1 to 5)

  • Variety – USDA’s “MyPlate,” appropriate portion sizes, healthy snack ideas, limiting juice, unhealthy fats, avoiding choking hazards
  • Reduce Mealtime Conflicts – eating routines, tips for choosy eaters, offering child choices, not forcing or withholding food
  • Food Adventures – shopping together, nutrition fact labels, cooking together, family meals, messy eating, fun food ideas
  • Healthy Habits – active playtime, limiting screen time, healthy fast food choices, easy homemade meals

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  • Silver Award - Health Promotion/Disease and Injury Prevention

    012 Health Information Awards


  • This is an excellent video on early childhood nutrition and feeding. It’s full of information that every parent can use to provide healthy foods to their child in a loving and supportive environment.

    Sarah Scully, MPH, RD
  • Both of these DVDs, skillfully created and edited, are packed with practical advice married with current
    medical and behavioral information… 
    Childhood Nutrition is a must have set for public and clinical library
    collectionsdealing with public health and parenting. Academic libraries should also include it in consumer
    health collections as well as those departments studying public health, child health and parenting.

    Lori Widzinski Multimedia Collections and Services, University Libraries, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

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