Positive Discipline: Without Shaking, Shouting, or Spanking

Discipline without without shaking, shouting, or spanking.



Teach parents different, more positive ways to discipline their child without shaking, shouting, or spanking. Using real-life scenarios, this three-volume set contrasts reactionary parenting with more effective techniques that are proven to be healthier for children.

Content Includes:

Volume 1: Babies (Birth to 1)

  • Responding to Crying – crying is normal, comfort techniques, shaken baby syndrome (Abusive Head Trauma), anger management, support, postpartum depression, colic, taking care of yourself
  • Redirecting Baby’s Curiosity – baby-proofing, distraction, redirection, consistency
  • Connecting to Baby – responding to baby’s needs, routines, playing, reading, physical connection, acceptance, appreciation

Volume 2: Toddlers (Ages 1 and 2)

  • Setting Safe Limits – supervision, child-proofing, communicating simple limits, positive statements, responding to danger, redirection
  • Easing Mealtime Struggles – being proactive, letting them help, limiting choices
  • Teaching an Aggressive Child – cooling-off time, teach with simple words, prevention, role play, modeling anger management

Volume 3: Preschoolers (Ages 3 to 5)

  • Easing Bedtime Battles – establishing a routine, involving your child, transition time, rewards
  • Responding to Aggression – communicating expectations, time-outs, teach alternative behavior, natural consequences, prevention, modeling anger management, limiting TV, games
  • Dealing With Defiance – acknowledging feelings, offering choices, setting simple limits, encouragement, consistency

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Vol. 1, 25 min. • Vol. 2, 24 min. • Vol. 3, 27 min.



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3 Vol Set.: $299.85 • Single Vol.: $124.95


  • Finalist - Social Issues

    26th Annual Telly Awards
  • Platinum Best of Show - Living Skills

    Aurora Awards


  • Positive Discipline is up-to date, realistic, and speaks to issues that appeal to parents across socioeconomic lines. A great teaching tool!

    Sandra Sears, LCSW, BCD, FACES - Family Advocacy, Care, Education, Support
  • Positive Discipline is a powerful video that offers step-by-step guidelines to help parents and providers incorporate positive discipline into their everyday routines.

    Andrea Disch - Program Director, Bright Beginnings

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