Age Appropriate Play: The First Four Years

Show parents the importance of play.



Teach parents that playtime isn’t just fun time—it’s essential for healthy child development. This comprehensive program demonstrates fun, age-appropriate activities that stimulate gross and fine motor skills, language skills, socialization, and problem solving.

Content Includes:

Volume 1: The First 12 Months
How to create safe play opportunities that foster bonding, self awareness, and fine motor skills.

Volume 2: 12 to 24 Months
Teaches fun toddler activities that nurture language, imagination, exploration, and sensory development.

Volume 3: 2- and 3-Year-Olds
Shows how fine motor skills, language skills, and positive social behavior can be enhanced through art and play.

Additional information

Program Length

Vol. 1, 24 min. • Vol. 2, 17 min. • Vol. 3, 15 min.

Closed Captioning

English Only

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Number of Volumes



3 Vol Set.: $249.85 • Single Vol.: $99.95


  • First Place - Parenting Issues

    National Council on Family Relations


  • This video presents a wide range of activities and ideas for age-appropriate play in a simple, straightforward approach. The examples are easy to follow, with simple instructions and descriptions detailing the developmental benefits a child attains.

    Christina Ostrom, LMSW - Genesis Teen Parent Program
  • Age-Appropriate Play depicts a wide variety of examples of children engaging in developmentally appropriate experiences, giving parents and educators many ideas about how to interact with young children in an educational, loving, and safe way.

    Alison Maher Preschool Director
  • The Age-Appropriate Play series reinforces student understanding of the four skill areas by examples of adult-child interaction using toys and games. The suggested play activities, toy examples, and handouts are exceptionally teen parent friendly and practical.

    Joyce Hahn and Karen Maassel GRADS Instructors

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