Creating an atmosphere conducive to learning includes ensuring that your students feel understood and accepted in the classroom.  Listen in as we get practical advice from Maura Jo, who has been practicing the principles of gender inclusivity in her life and classroom for over 15 years. You’ll pick up things you can use right away in your classroom, such as how you can use more inclusive language and ways you can make students feel comfortable while learning.  

Maura Jo (pronouns: they/she) is a Queer/GenderQueer, passionate, compassionate, and accomplished birth worker and wellness professional with over 25 years of experience in complementary and alternative wellness and over 15 years in perinatal education and support. They hold a master’s degree in Women’s (and Gender) Studies and certifications in many aspects of wellness and perinatal health and support services. They have worked in the nonprofit sector, in the fitness and wellness industry, in multiple hospital systems, in the Connecticut state university system as an adjunct professor, and have been running their own perinatal and wellness business for many years. They specialize in working with and supporting LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC individuals, families, and professionals who identify as a part of these communities.  

Listen and Learn:

  • We are not excluding anyone by including everyone 
  • Tips for educators looking to use inclusive language in their classes 
  • Why words matter – getting out of a fear-based brain to be able to understand the material presented 
  • Visual representations matter too – how seeing others “like me” increases learning ability 
  • Role model behavior to foster inclusion 

Resources & Mentions:

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