Envision a world where all people are heard and have a circle of support for the entire perinatal period. This two part webinar series features guest presenters Heather Thompson and Vita Malama from the Elephant Circle reproductive justice and advocacy group in Denver, Colorado. They start by examining the history and origins of racism in the US, including in reproductive health, the bias it creates, and ends with solutions on how providers and educators can lessen its impact through actions, education, and support.

Part 2: Paths to Resolve Racism in Healthcare During the Perinatal Period

This second webinar clarifies the differences between health inequity and health disparity. It’s intended to help you think critically about the perinatal patient experience in terms of how unconscious bias influences the support and care they receive. By the end of this webinar, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to your own practice, ensuring you “do no harm” as you care for families during the maternal and perinatal period.

  • Understand root causes of health inequity and how health inequity differs from health disparity
  • Identify common acts of negative healthcare treatment that could be racially motivated
  • Identify factors that could influence the maternal & perinatal health experience
  • Think critically about the client maternal & perinatal experience and understand how biases can shape the support provided to clients
  • Apply practices within your scope to mitigate harm or violence during the maternal and perinatal timeframe