Need to make your face-to-face classes virtual? Let us help with our webinar Building Bridges: Virtual Solutions for Teaching Parents. Robin Weiss, PhD, MPH, CLC, LCCE, FACCE will be our guest and share years of advice from her own online teaching.

We have some tips to help. While this is a temporary solution to an unprecedented situation, we’re here to help make this a smooth transition, so that you can continue to support the families in your community and prepare them for parenthood. They need you more now than ever, so remember—this doesn’t have to be perfect. Just being there for them makes a big impact on their experience.

Learning objectives:
  • Discuss how COVID-19 is changing education delivery
  • Recognize concerns / fears / challenges when changing formats
  • Identify options for virtual streaming
  • Describe ways to transfer in-classroom learning scenarios to work virtually
  • Share tips and best practices to teach adults effectively virtually