What do postpartum mothers really need, and who is looking out for them? What is currently missing from their experiences and expectations that we could remedy? Join us as we present information from two studies that deal with this topic. Cristalle Madray, MPH, is the primary author of “Exploring the Unmet Needs of Postpartum Mothers: A Qualitative Study” published in the “Journal of Perinatal Education” in April 2022. She spoke with a variety of mothers and sheds light on some of the gaps between practice and reality. Abby Halm, BA, a 4th year medical student at the university of Virginia, is part of a team looking at this subject from the healthcare provider’s view. This research is yet to be published, but Abby will give us insight into how healthcare providers can implement changes to make sure mothers have continuing support and care after birth so that we improve health outcomes for all.

NOTE: While we may use the words “woman/mother/breastfeeding/man/father” in this webinar, we respect all individuals and the labels with which they identify.

You will learn:
  • Mothers’ major concerns that they feel go unanswered in the postpartum period 
  • What support and education mothers expect and how they need better coping skills for parenting a newborn 
  • To use expectation-setting in the postpartum period as a tool to empower women 
  • How to think creatively about helping mothers identify and expand their social support network 
  • How integrating the care of women and infants may improve maternal access to healthcare, including mental health services, in the postpartum period