Pain Management for Childbirth

Educate parents about effective pain-relief options.



This two-volume set teaches expectant parents tangible ways they can manage pain, whether they choose non-medicated or medicated relief. As a bonus, each volume includes a complete, inspirational birth story that audiences are sure to enjoy.

Content Includes:

Volume 1: Comfort Techniques

  • Pain in Labor – causes of pain, exploring the P.A.I.N. acronym
  • Mental Techniques – labor environment, relaxation, vocalization, attention-focusing
  • Physical Techniques – breathing, massage, positions and movement, hydrotherapy, pushing
  • Bonus Birth Story – this non-medicated birth features first-time parents who use a variety of comfort techniques to bring their daughter into the world

Volume 2: Analgesics & Epidurals

  • Analgesics – definition, administration, benefits, risks
  • Epidural Overview & Procedure – definition, administration, 3D animation of procedure
  • Benefits & Risks of Epidurals – pros and cons for mom and baby
  • Labor With an Epidural – monitoring, mobility, labor progress, labor support, pushing, breastfeeding
  • Bonus Birth Story – a single mom having her first child starts with an analgesic, and then decides to get an epidural with the support of her sisters and mother

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Program Length

Vol. 1, 29 min. + 11-min. Birth Story • Vol. 2, 28 min. + 12-min. Birth Story

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English Only

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2 Vol. Set: $349.90 • Single Vol.: $199.95


  • Silver Award - Patient Education

    2012 Health Information Awards
  • Bronze Award - Health & Fitness

    2012 Telly Awards


  • I am glad this film is available to childbirth educators. It is the fairest and most honest one I have seen, and will assist women in making informed decisions about the use of pain medications…InJoy is to be commended for this excellent film.

    Penny Simkin, PT
  • Pain Management for Childbirth provides a wonderful explanation of the various pain relief methods available to laboring mothers.
    This video is bound to become a standard in the childbirth classes we offer.

    Tamara Drechsler-Corbeil, RN, MSN
  • Great visuals along with modern, realistic, and diverse couples! Loved the comfort measures appropriate for each stage of labor.
    Both volumes include choices available for laboring women and are complemented by a birth story!

    Kim Fuhrman, RN, BSN

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