Reaching more parents with solid prenatal education is the goal for most educators and hospitals.  Learning a new way to do that was challenging in 2020 but through creativity and problem solving, many educators –just like our guest– found ways to be sure the parents they serve continued to learn.  Join us to learn how one hospital has not only overcome the COVID teaching challenge but also created a mix of classes that will remain in place moving forward to reach more parents with the information they need for their pregnancy, birth, and beyond. 

Evelyn M. Turner, MSN, RNC-MNN, ICCE, IBCLC, CPST, has been an active perinatal professional since 2000, working as a nurse in Labor & Delivery, Mother & Baby, Prenatal Care Coordination, Nursing Leadership, and as a Prenatal Nurse Educator in Northwest, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois. Currently, she works as a Prenatal Nurse Instructor at The University of Chicago Medicine, bringing her years of experience to the classroom educating soon-to-be parents.   

Listen and Learn: 

  • How it is possible to offer multiple classes in different formats to meet parents’ needs 
  • Offering a variety of formats increases the number of learners who participate 
  • Following up with online learners strengthen their knowledge through Q&A 
  • What can be done for parents who speak languages other than what is usually offered 
  • Promoting virtual and blended classes 
  • How parents feel about their learning experience 
  • Why it is important to continue with virtual and blended learning even with in-person classes available 

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