Note: This episode was recorded in early 2021. Some of the details in this episode may have changed

In 1956, Marian Tompson and Mary White, along with five other women, gathered to breastfeed their babies under a tree at a church picnic in Illinois when they were approached by mothers with questions, showing interest and looking for advice on successful breastfeeding.  This event inspired a group of seven women to form La Leche League International to provide breastfeeding help and support to women in their community.   Since that time, La Leche League’s peer to peer support, whose primary purpose is to promote breastfeeding, can be found locally, nationally, and even internationally now in over 80 countries.   

Christina Faulkenburg is an Area Coordinator of Leaders with La Leche League Mountain Plains as a volunteer.  The Area has over 40 Leaders in Kansas, Wyoming, and Colorado.  Christina is a wife, mom, and business owner.  Her daughter just turned 5!  When Christina was pregnant in 2015, she started attending La Leche League Meetings and found support to be so wonderful that she became a Leader to help other families.  The support helped her nurse for 28 months.  She then became the Area Coordinator of Leaders to help support other Leaders help families just like her providing educational events and fund-raising for the Area.   

Listen in as we explore Christina’s journey with La Leche League and how you can help families connect to this great association.   

Listen and Learn:  

  • About the history and mission of La Leche League International 
  • How health professionals can get the word out and connect people to this free service 
  • The variety of people that join LLL meetings and are supported by the leader and members 
  • The main components of a LLL meeting 
  • What effect COVID has had on meetings 
  • What it takes to become a LLL Leader 
  • How LLL has changed and the vision for the future 

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Facebook page for La Leche League of Mountain Plains – Families

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