Understanding Breastfeeding Tear Pads

Reinforce your teaching with colorful tear sheets—each includes a QR code to a related video!



Bite-sized information can make a big impact! Each of the three Understanding Breastfeeding tear pads covers an important breastfeeding topic. The information is focused, easy to read, and useful for quick reference. It’s perfect to give families as a “take home” along with a breastfeeding class or clinic appointment or as a “leave behind” after a home visit.

How does it work? Each pad has 50 sheets. Remove sheets as needed, giving one sheet from the pad to each family. The family can scan the QR code to watch a short video on the topic. No log-in information is required for parents to view the video, making it quick and easy.

Cost effective with two languages included! Each sheet has English on one side and Spanish on the reverse. It’s an affordable option, without the hassle of tracking inventory for different languages. The Spanish side includes access to the video in Spanish.

Tear Pad Topics (Each Sold Separately):

  • Top Breastfeeding Myths (presents and dispels common myths—great for starting conversations)
  • Why Babies Breastfeed Often (includes a fun infographic and diaper chart—
    great for reassuring new parents)
  • Pumping & Storing Breastmilk (includes pumping tips and a milk storage chart—a handy resource for pumping parents).

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Product Notes

Teaching Tip: Provide the tear sheets to parents along with the Understanding Breastfeeding Book + Web App. The tear sheets complement the information provided in the book.

Product Notes:

English on one side of the page, Spanish on reverse

Additional information




Tear Pad

Number of Pages

50 per pad

Product Purchase Includes

Tear pad with access to related video (compatible with computers & mobile devices)


Postpartum/New Baby Care

Video Clips

1 per tear pad topic in English & Spanish. Video intended for private use of families receiving the tear sheet. No public performance or sharing of link permitted.

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