Even in early nursing school Ginger felt she would write a book someday.  Finding a need while working with her new daughter-in-law gave her the much-needed topic.  Surviving in postpartum should not be as hard as it was for Ginger’s loved one or many other new mothers.  To create a template for thriving and celebrating life with a new baby, Ginger called upon 15 other experienced postpartum professionals and parents, and they created a book that can be used by parents and professionals Listen in as we discuss the book, changes needed in our healthcare system for postpartum families in the first six weeks, and more! 

Dr. Breedlove is a past president of the American College of Nurse-Midwives. In 2017, she formed a consulting company, Grow Midwives LLC, to educate physicians and hospitals while supporting midwives in the design and scaling of best practices in collaborative care models. Prior to consulting, she was on faculty a combined 17 years as Professor of Nursing and Midwifery at Shenandoah University and University of Kansas School of Nursing founding program director. She co-founded the first free-standing birthing center in Topeka, Kansas in 1979, the first Midwife service in Kansas City, Missouri in 1994, and established the University of Kansas Midwifery program in 1999. In 2016 she co-founded March for Moms with Dr. Neel Shah and has served as President four years. In 2018, Dr. Breedlove edited and launched a book for first-time parents navigating the first six weeks of pregnancy titled, Nobody Told Me About That! 

Listen and Learn: 

  • How a lack of educational support before and during postpartum negatively impacts bringing baby home 
  • The mental and emotional impact of  feeling unprepared  
  • How postpartum deaths could be prevented with accurate information  
  • One of the most important tools for new parents is learning to use their voice 
  • How to create  a safer postpartum system by using inter-professional contact after leaving the hospital 
  • Change can happen when demand comes from parents, employers, legislators, community members and healthcare professionals 
  • About postpartum concerns from 16 women’s health professionals  

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