Having a baby is a special time in parents’ lives. Grandparents remember the good and not so good times of bringing up their own babies.  They remember what worked for them and want to pass that information on to their children. However, best practices change frequently with maternal-child health.  What the grandparents were taught as gospel has very likely been replaced with new evidence-based information.  Learning that new information from a professional is sometimes easier than hearing it from their own children. So brings the birth of grandparenting classes!

Our guest, Andi Quinn has her bachelor’s in nursing and is the Maternal Child Nursing Coordinator in the Birth Care Center at UnityPoint Health St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where they offer 20 different classes for the childbearing year.  Based on her own good experience when she took a Lamaze class with her first baby, she ended up helping to teach the class and grew into replacing the teacher when that teacher moved on.  She has loved teaching for the past 40 some years. She is certified in several Maternal Child programs and heads a staff of talented educators. Her goal in all classes is to educate and empower women and families. She loves watching student bloom and grow their confidence right before her eyes.

Listen and Learn:

  • Why grandparenting classes are more popular now than ever before
  • Why adult children think that grandparenting classes are valuable
  • The various roles modern grandparents are asked to play
  • Curriculum and marketing ideas

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