Health systems continue to expand their reach, so it is important to consolidate resources and programs.  Offering cohesive educational resources to patients can be part of the consolidation.  Jessica Sember received her MSN with a specialization of Leadership and Organizational Development.  Jessica’s nursing career has been within women’s health.  She has had various roles in labor and delivery, childbirth education, and as a lactation consultant.  She is currently the perinatal education coordinator for her health system.  Listen and learn as we discuss coordinated education and some tips for success in standardizing materials, improving marketing for classes and the importance of communication among staff.

Listen and Learn:

  • How health systems benefit from offering coordinated education across the organization
  • What challenges need to be faced when setting up a coordinated education program
  • Ways that increase cohesiveness among the education staff
  • How consistent curriculum and material make a difference to patients, staff and providers

Jessica can be reached for more information at [email protected].

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