Many hospitals have pared their class offerings down to core classes and moved them online. Join us to hear Anne’s story about what those changes have meant for Anne, her staff, and the students.  

Anne Wright’s background is in education. She spent 10 years working for Continental Airlines providing leadership development training to over 5,000 leaders worldwide. During that time, Anne developed a desire to bring leadership principles to families during their childbearing years. She began working at Texas Children’s Hospital in 2004 as a leadership and organizational development specialist. In her free time, Anne became a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and began teaching childbirth classes.  In 2011, Texas Children’s opened the Pavilion for Women, and Anne became the manager of patient education. Over the past six years, Anne’s team has developed standardized curriculum for 18 different classes. She put into place class standards, department policies and procedures, and a structured development program for educators. 

Listen and Learn: 

  • How to maintain quality, access, and innovation while changing how education is delivered 
  • What complications had to be overcome in quickly launching virtual formats 
  • Reasons for reducing class offerings to only core classes during the crisis 
  • How virtual maternity tours can be beneficial for some parents now and even in the future 
  • Skills her staff is developing in this time that will be beneficial in the long-term 

Resources & Mentions: 

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