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This link leads to the machine-readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.

Understanding Birth, 4th Edition Preview Guide

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Feeding and nourishing your baby

Find resources that reflect what matters most to you. Our breadth of content addresses the whole family, special situations, and is available in formats to suit any setting. Whether you’re a new parent or a healthcare professional, our resources provide valuable information, tips, and tools on breastfeeding and nutrition.

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Our Complete Curriculum

A comprehensive program that covers the most important aspects of breastfeeding.
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The #1 choice

For evidence-based, video-driven perinatal education.


Teaching solutions that blend real stories with clear graphics.

Inclusive Portrayals

Our resources prioritize connecting with and portraying diverse audiences.


Our materials can be fully customized using your practice’s branding.








Available formats:

  • Online Education
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About You

Our Product Promise

Superior Quality

Our experienced team, professional videography, and extensive quality-assurance process means you can trust that an InJoy product is a superior product. Since 1988 we’ve been the #1 choice for perinatal education.

Visually Compelling & Evidence Based

Each product includes clear, high-quality videos and animations, helping you explain concepts easily and effectively. Evidence-based guidelines, expert reviews, and regular updates, ensure that you are sharing the best information.

Modern & Easy to Use

We’re with you every step of the way. Our products cover what you teach and are user friendly. The colorful, fresh design used in every product helps parents engage with the content—all while making your organization look good!

Consistent Education 
at Every Stage

From pregnancy to parenthood, our curriculums ensure that your patients and clients receive comprehensive, consistent, and clear health information at every point of care.

Our Materials

Our comprehensive teaching solutions are used by educators and healthcare professionals in a wide variety of settings. From pregnancy to parenthood, our curriculums ensure that your patients and clients receive comprehensive, consistent, and clear health information at every point of care.

Who We Are

Some businesses are started, but InJoy was born. It all began when one dad attended a childbirth class and saw the opportunity to offer something better. Since 1988, we have been engaging new parents with modern videos and educational materials. Three decades after InJoy’s birth, we still do that, but our vision has grown — to inspire and empower health professionals, educators, and their communities toward greater health and well-being, by providing video-rich teaching solutions from pregnancy to early parenting that are optimized for classroom, one-on-one, and independent learning.

Today there is a myriad of health education materials available for parents and professionals to choose from. With the leap from limited access and dated information to “information overload,” InJoy’s mission is more relevant than ever.


We take a customer-centric approach. This begins with a simple concept — listening to our customers and giving them what they need. InJoy’s materials solve the challenges that today’s educators face, such as:

  • Educating families with a variety of learning styles and literacy levels
  • Finding current, evidence-based, and expert-reviewed materials
  • Working with parents who base important medical decisions on biased, peer-based information
  • Educating parents who lack the time or interest to learn
  • Having limited time to teach complex topics
  • Connecting with diverse audiences of different backgrounds and ethnicities
  • Conflicting messages between various care providers and points of contact

Considering these challenges, our products include high-quality videos and animations that simplify complex terminology and procedures, feature families who are real and diverse, and share essential content that is positive, non-biased, and engaging to all types of learners.

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In fact, we hear from customers that after watching our videos and materials, parents often laugh and cry. Most importantly — they remember what they learn! This is why our products are called “teaching solutions.”

We get it! InJoy’s team includes media experts, health professionals and parent educators. We use our broad backgrounds and expertise to enhance what we create and help our customers choose the best solution for them.