According to the most recent Listening to Mothers survey in 2013, attendance at childbirth education classes is about 34% for all mothers (59% for first time mothers). Many hospitals have reported to us lately that those numbers are dropping in their facilities. All parents need the important information and context they provide. We will discuss this worrisome trend with an expert panel of childbirth educators, including Penny Simkin, Robin Weiss, Connie Livingston, Vonda Gates, Colleen Weeks and Cathy Allen.

They’ll help us answer pressing questions facing educators today, such as: What can we do to change the current climate that doesn’t seem to value taking classes? Does it even matter? Does being undereducated have consequences for the mother and baby? Where are parents getting their information instead? Our panel will bring wisdom and ideas for us to make a change in the maternity scene, and you’ll also get a chance to ask your own questions.