How can a free app help prevent over 30% of stillbirths in Iowa?  Join us as we discuss the amazing organization that founded the project now used by many pregnant people to do just that.  Megan will take us through the history of the organization and the development of the Count the Kicks app and other educational materials available on their website.  She will also share the background and definition of stillbirth.  The fact that stillbirth affects about 21,000 babies every year in the US should help us all understand how important it is to help parents take preventable measures whenever possible.   

Megan is the Program Director at Healthy Birth Day, Inc., the national non-profit organization that created the Count the Kicks evidence-based stillbirth prevention program.  She oversees the organization’s programming work, including grants, system and policy change work, and app development. Megan believes that knowledge truly is power. She used the Count the Kicks app during her pregnancies and has three healthy and rambunctious children. She is proud to be part of such an important organization with a powerful mission of saving babies. 

Listen and Learn:  

  • How the lifesaving organization began 
  • Which number is higher, stillbirth or deaths due to SIDS 
  • What are the disparities in stillbirth for Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Black, and American Indian or Alaska Native families 
  • Why number of kicks AND strength of kicks matters 
  • How the app helps lower parents’ anxiety and helps them bond with their baby prenatally 
  • When and how to download the app and to tell others how to do it 
  • What languages the app is available in 
  • How we can bring this subject up with pregnant families without planting scary ideas 
  • Who should be talking about the Count the Kicks app 

Resources & Mentions:

Megan Aucutt’s contact info [email protected] 

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