About 10% of newborns will spend some time in the NICU, and you probably know at least one family who has spent time there. Join us for an inside look at the NICU with Megan Teague as she shares a vivid story of what caring for babies and families looks like on a daily basis.  You will learn how to incorporate information about a potential stay in the NICU into your interactions with pregnant families to make them aware but not overwhelmed. This information can also help you understand the scope of work that goes on in the NICU and how to support families with newborns in the NICU as they navigate their NICU journey.  

Megan Teague attended Regis University in Denver, CO where she graduated with a BSN in 2005. She has worked at Lutheran Medical Center her entire career, first as a mom/baby nurse and then in their Level 3 NICU for the past 17 years. She has an RNC certification for NICU, is a preceptor, and is a member of the unit-based council. Megan is also a supervisory RN at her children’s school, and she teaches several prenatal classes, including CPR/safety, grandparenting, and newborn care. Megan loves working in the NICU because it is the perfect mix of skills, advocacy, education, and emotional support.  

Listen and Learn: 

  • How nurses can be an advocate for the babies in the NICU 
  • How family-centered care impacts the NICU experience 
  • How nurses and other professionals can respond to the actual needs of patients, including teaching, negotiating, and respecting their needs 
  • What key information families need before bringing their babies home from the NICU 
  • What Family Integrative Care is and how many take advantage of it 
  • How lactation assistance helps make sure NICU parents who breastfeed succeed 
  • The impact PMADs have on families in the NICU and other available resources 
  • What is “NICU-itis” and how it can be overcome  
  • What safe sleep looks like for a preemie in an open crib at home  
  • How Recovery Nurse Advocates work with mothers who have substance use concerns 
  • What NICU information should be shared in childbirth education classes, if any 


Nourish and Bloom Perinatal Behavioral Health Program:  [email protected] or call 303-318-2621 

Recovery Nurse Advocates: Michelle Dueto ([email protected]) and Stacy Hernandez ([email protected])  

Megan Teague can be reached at [email protected]  

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