In 2016, when the NYS DOH put out a request for application to receive the Creating Breastfeeding Friendly Communities (CBFC) Grant, the Rockland County Lactation community united to support and work together for this initiative. At that time, 86.6% of new mothers in the state initiated breastfeeding, but only 56% were still breastfeeding at six months, and of those, only 17% were exclusively breastfeeding.  

Patti’s organization felt that connecting and supporting breastfeeding families beyond their hospital stay could make a big difference. The CBFC initiatives goal was to include physician practices, daycares, worksites, and public locations in the effort to support breastfeeding families for a longer period. Listen to find out how Patti and her practice made a change in the amount and type of education and support they were offering to their patients and how they involved their whole community in the effort. Consider if your area could benefit from a similar initiative!  

Patrícia Soriano Guzmán is an Allied Healthcare Professional specializing in Perinatal Support services. She has pursued advanced education with leading organizations, first in Lactation followed by Perinatal  Mental Health, Prepared Childbirth, and Infant Development. Patrícia is currently an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® at Montefiore Nyack Hospital and is responsible for outpatient Clinical Lactation services provided in English and Spanish, as well as leading several perinatal-related programs and events. Since 2020, Patrícia has been featured as guest speaker for a variety of virtual events, and most recently, led a 20-Hour Lactation Education training as the sole-presenter of 11 live, interactive sessions for 89 healthcare workers. This program was part of the NYS DOH Creating Breastfeeding-Friendly Communities initiative.  

Listen and Learn:  

  • Why families need continued support outside the hospital at all touchpoints 
  • Where parents are likely to connect with those who can support them 
  • How NYS increased the knowledge and skills of community-based organizations, primary care providers, childcare directors and staff, and employers 
  • How out-of-hospital facilities or programs signed up for participation in the program  
  • What Patti did to help implement the first obstetric practice in the area to achieve NYS DOH 10 Steps to Breastfeeding-Friendly Designation 
  • How Baby Cafes and similar types of gatherings helped 

Resources & Mentions: 

Creating Breastfeeding Friendly Communities (CBFC) (

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