DONA International was one of the first doula organizations in the United States.  Starting out as Doulas of North America in 1992, they quickly saw the need for doulas around the world.  In the early 2000s, they became DONA International.  Listen in to see where and why they started.  Melissa will explain her passion, and the passion of the organization, to make sure that doula clients and birthing families get the support needed in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum!  We will also get a glimpse of where this dynamic organization is going in the future.  

Immediate past president of DONA International, Melissa began serving birthing families in January 2002 through her practice at Capital City Doula Services.  Certified with DONA International in 2003, and Lamaze International in 2005, Melissa has worked with more than 1,500 families as a labor doula and/or childbirth educator.  As a DONA-approved trainer, Melissa offers training and mentorship opportunities for new doulas and has trained over 600 new doulas, primarily in the Southeastern U.S.  She is also a certified lactation counselor and a Fellow in the Academy of Childbirth Educators.  

Listen and Learn:

  • How the Greek word meaning servant has become a profession and a model for their philosophy behind serving families in the childbearing year 
  • How Doulas of North America started and who are the founders 
  • Why doula care is important to birthing and new families 
  • Why certification can be important for doulas 
  • What DONA International is doing to enhance and sustain the doula profession in the future 
  • How to change “awareness into action” when considering health equity 
  • How you can be involved with DONA as a volunteer 

Resources & Mentions:

DONA International 

Join as a volunteer!  Email [email protected] to find out what positions are open 

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