When the “Back to Sleep” campaign to reduce infant deaths started in 1994, the rate of SIDS went from 10,000 to 3,500 per year very quickly.  Judy Bannon, founder of Cribs for Kids, realized that was a great thing but also found that some neighborhoods in her area had not reduced the number of SIDS deaths.  She wanted to help.  Listen in today with our guest Devon George to find out how Cribs for Kids took on the challenge to make sure that families had a safe place for their babies to sleep, along with the education to go with it.  She will also discuss their programs like the National Hospital Certification Program to help lower the numbers of SIDS deaths even more.  

Devon George, MSN, RN is Director of Education at Cribs for Kids, where her primary focus is the National Hospital Certification Program. Devon joined Cribs for Kids after working in academic nursing where she oversaw clinical curriculum for ADN and BSN programs.  She also sits on the board of directors of Global Links, serving as the Vice Chair.  

Listen and Learn:  

  •  Why Back to Sleep transitioned to Safe to Sleep  
  • 1,600 partners nationwide provide the Cribs for Kids safe sleep cribettes and educational materials  
  • Hospitals can become nationally certified by making sure all patients go home with education about the ABCs – Alone, on their Back, in a Crib 
  • The importance of having all who care for the baby know about safe sleep – grandparents, childcare providers, babysitters and family   
  • Safe sleep happens at night AND during the day  
  • COVID created opportunities for new ways to get the education and cribettes to families  
  • Everyone can promote Safe to Sleep  

Resources & Mentions:  

Cribs for Kids

Safe Sleep Ambassador program 

The National Safe Sleep Hospital Certification Program 

Ette Cetera – Support Cribs for Kids when purchasing baby necessities for you or your loved ones

Reach out to Devon George 


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