Parents of multiples face unique challenges. Today we will be speaking with Nancy Bowers about the importance of multiples-focused classes, what’s new in research, and trends surrounding multiple births. Nancy Bowers, BSN, RN, MPH, is a perinatal nurse educator with 40 years in maternal-infant and infertility care. A mother of twins herself, she is a passionate advocate for the unique needs of twins and other multiples. Through her company, Marvelous Multiples, Inc., she has brought specialized prenatal education to thousands of multiple birth families across the US and Canada since 1992. Nancy is the author of The Multiple Pregnancy SourceBook, and the chapter on multiple gestation for AWHONN’s Perinatal Textbook. She recently retired from her 9-year-role as the Manager of Continuing Education for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine where she was responsible for the continuing education for 8,000 multidisciplinary members worldwide. She is now working as a health education consultant and medical editor.

Listen and Learn:

  • Trends and research concerning twins and higher order multiples
  • The most important factors that predict length of pregnancy and health of newborns for multiples
  • How classes specific to multiples increase skills and confidence in families with multiples
  • Things to think about when creating structure and timing of multiples classes
  • Ways to educate moms who cannot attend in-person classes

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