Today, we discuss how COVID-19 is impacting labor and delivery units.  Carla shares the challenges and positive aspects of working with families during birth and postpartum. She also talks about how this pandemic is changing her outlook and self care, for the better.  

Carla has been in the healthcare field since 2000 and a nurse since 2003. The primary focus of her nursing is Women and Family Services with 17 years as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. She now works as a Charge Nurse at Longs Peak Hospital, which is a community hospital in the UCHealth system in Colorado. She loves her job and taking care of people in her community. 

Listen and Learn: 

  • Temporary policy changes to keep everyone safe 
  • How the staff is alerted to changes in the system, including 36 updates so far 
  • The differences in protocol if a mom has COVID-19 or is PUI 
  • How nurses are keeping themselves and their families protected from the virus 
  • How her team is becoming stronger as a result of the crisis

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