Engage all types of learners using print
materials that come with a video-rich app.

Now you can ensure that families receive complete and essential information, however and whenever they choose to. When you provide families with a book, you’ll also offer access to a free companion web app that includes all of the book content, plus helpful videos, practical tools, and other digital features that today’s families expect.


Benefits for Educators

  • Provide evidence-based information and videos that are commercial-free, expert-reviewed, and annually updated
  • Save time and money because they are professionally designed and ready-to-use
  • Offer essential reference material for class and at-home learning
  • Assign reading and videos before class, saving class time for interactive discussion and hands-on activities

Benefits for Parents

  • Learn essential information with appealing, full-color books designed for easy readability
  • Gain a deeper understanding with the media-rich web app, including video clips, 3D animation, tools, and more
  • Extend learning to home and to easily share information with their partners and other caregivers
  • Access all the information at any time on their own device, including customizable accessibility features to present the information in a way they learn best
  • Learn about your organization and services

What’s Included

  • Full-color book on high-quality paper, including access instructions to the web app with a unique redemption code
  • Companion web app includes videos, web pages with text and photos, essential tools (such as a breastfeeding log), instant parent polls, optional weekly emails, checklists, PDFs, and more
  • Web app accessibility features: Closed captions, image tags for screen readers, and a menu with custom learner settings for those with vision, hearing, or motor impairments, and cognitive disorders, such as dyslexia or ADHD.
  • Branding and customization options for book and/or web app
  • Available in English and Spanish


Reference material parents can use in class and take home that supports classroom or one-on-one teaching.


Companion web apps can be used on smartphones, tablets, and computers (access instructions included in each book).

Best Practice

Lead parents in accessing the companion web app during your session and point out relevant information in the books as you teach.

Our Promise to You

Every InJoy childbirth education resource is…


Each product includes clear, high-quality videos and animations, helping you explain concepts easily and effectively.


InJoy’s experienced team, professional videography, and extensive quality-assurance process means you can trust that an InJoy product is a superior product.


We present evidence-based guidelines, utilize expert reviews, and update our products regularly, so you can be assured you are sharing the best information.


The colorful, fresh design used in every product appeals to today’s parents and helps them engage with the content—all while making your organization look good!


We listen to and collaborate with our customers every step of the way, so our products cover what you teach and are easy to use.

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