You Can Quit! How to Stop Smoking During Pregnancy (Clearance Item)

You Can Quit! How to Stop Smoking During Pregnancy (Clearance Item)

15 minutes to a smoke-free pregnancy.

You Can Quit! How to Stop Smoking During Pregnancy

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Most women want to stop smoking during pregnancy but don’t know how. Using a research-based, proven approach, this interactive program not only reminds pregnant women why they should stop smoking, it actually gives them an effective way to quit.

Content Includes:

  • Why Quit – short- and long-term benefits to mom and baby, preterm labor risks, weight gain concerns
  • How to Quit – quit plan, changing routines, dealing with other smokers, getting support, cravings, withdrawal symptoms
  • Staying Smoke-Free – protecting baby from secondhand smoke, benefits to mothers

Additional Information

Closed Captioned English Only
Release Year 2005
Program Length 18 min.
Ages 13-Adult
Number of Volumes Single Volume


"I really liked it. The information presented is excellent and the various women are very
representative. It would be useful in a classroom or workshop setting."

– Pat Yetman, Denver Public Health. Health Promotion Program

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"I found the vignettes showing specific language to use with patients especially helpful since I need
to develop "scripts" in order to incorporate counseling into my routine. The concise presentation and
simple instructions for viewing the programs made it very easy to share with all staff."

Cecelia A. Gaffney, MEd Instructor, Dartmouth Medical School


Silver Award
How-to/Instructional - Telly Awards

Bronze Winner
General Health Information - HeSCA Media Festivals

Merit Award
Patient Education - Nat'l Health Info.

Awards Finalist
Women's Health - MediMedia Int'l Health & Medical Media Awards

Facilitator's Guide With Parent Handouts:

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