Being flexible and keeping a positive mindset in the midst of constant changes around COVID-19 is crucial to our profession and mental well-being. Join us for this webinar as we talk to professionals in the field of maternal health & education to see how COVID-19 has changed their practice and how they have adapted to continue to serve families during this time.

Life after COVID-19 will look different and finding the positive now can help us shape the future of education and care. Listen in for nuggets you can use to transform your impact on families—and your own life—after the pandemic.

Our moderator will be Debbie Young, MSL, ICCE, LCCE, CLC from InJoy and our panel will include Julie Dubrouillet, CBE, BD; Lauren Grady, RN; Debi Ferrarello, MSN, MS, RN, IBCLC, and Cathy Allen, LCCE.