Dear Educator,

If you have an immediate need to provide education to those who cannot come to class during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a solution: Understanding Birth LIVE PowerPoint presentation (available in English and Spanish). This is a condensed online version of our most popular PowerPoint presentation for you to use through a live webcast. This easy-to-use option for remote learning is complementary to existing InJoy materials, and is available to our customers at no charge while Coronavirus restrictions are in place.

How to Use:

  • Simply use the webinar software of your choice and select the “Share Screen” feature when you are ready to present. 
  • Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers preferred.
  • To move through the slides, use the PREV and BACK buttons, the arrow in the lower left, or left click. You can also use the slide outline on the right of your screen to navigate the presentation.
  • You can go full screen using the button with two expanding arrows. Press ESCAPE to return to the original size.

Terms of Use:

  • Use is restricted to live, educator-led webcasts that replace in-person classes (not to be recorded and distributed). 
  • The PowerPoint is offered through an online platform and cannot be downloaded or customized. 
  • The link is NOT to be sent to parents. The slides are designed to be presented along with your guidance and expertise—this was not designed for self-directed learning. (See below for resource you can send to parents)  
  • The link to the PowerPoint is NOT to be shared on any public facing websites  


After you're redirected to the online PowerPoint, bookmark or save the link so you can access it easily in the future. To access the Spanish PowerPoint, you will click on the link provided in the return email that you’ll receive after you hit “Submit.”

Best Practice Notes:

  • Become familiar and rehearse your presentation ahead of time.
  • Use your camera and introduce yourself…a personal touch can go a long way to make a connection in this time of isolation!
  • Demonstrate labor positions or techniques on a family member during your webcast. Have fun with it. Humor helps with learning. 
  • Use any available features on your webinar platform to take questions or create polls to keep your class interactive. 
  • Lengthy webcasts can be ineffective and make it hard for learners to absorb new information, so we’ve pared down our presentation to the essentials. 

Important Note: Videos are NOT included in this online version because video streaming through a webcast is problematic, causing playback, buffering, and audio issues.

Free Online Birth Stories & Essentials are videos that parents can watch on their own before or after your presentation. You can share this link with individual parents in your personal emails and communications with them. Includes birth stories & essential videos on breastfeeding, safe sleep, and PMAD. Plus,links to COVID-19 resources for parents. 

Please contact Customer Success at 1-800-326-2082 x2 or email for other materials you can share with parents that include videos they can watch before or after your live webcast.

We appreciate all you do to support new families and realize your job is difficult right now. We hope this helps you through this period of uncertainty. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

TROUBLESHOOTING NOTE: If the Presentation displays a spinning refresh arrow for more than 10 seconds; 1) Refresh your browser window, 2) If that doesn't work, please clear your browser cookies and cache (you can google how to do this for your browser or contact your IT department)

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