Understanding Birth 4th Edition: PowerPoint Class: NEW!

Understanding Birth 4th Edition: PowerPoint Class: NEW!

The all-in-one presentation educators love...now even better!

Understanding Birth 4th Edition: PowerPoint Class

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What's new in the 4th Edition?

Presentation Updates:
  • Quiz challenges and tweets engage learners
  • Zooms, morphs, and colorful infographics add visual interest
  • “Mindful Moment” affirmations empower learners
  • Reduced repetition between slide content and videos
  • Faster load times with 4 smaller presentations
  • Terms, such as SUID and PMAD, are updated throughout
  • Gender-neutral and inclusive language
  • New Facilitator’s Guide with virtual and in-person class ideas and Parent Handouts

Embedded video updates:
  • New clips on preeclampsia, nitrous oxide, labor positions with an epidural, PMAD, and postpartum warning signs
  • Empowered birth welcome video, wider selection of birth stories and chapter summary clips
  • All-new footage featuring a diverse group of families and experts
  • 2 in 1 birth story--our new featured birth story shows both unmedicated and epidural experiences

This is the PowerPoint makeover designed for today’s educators and parents! If you like the teaching versatility that PowerPoint offers, you will love this customizable childbirth class presentation.

  • Includes 200 slides and 68 video clips (more than 4 hours of video for you to choose from!)—covers all the current teaching points from pregnancy to postpartum, including 3D animation of the labor process
  • Features modern, colorful slides with discussion questions, quiz challenges, affirmations, poignant quotations, funny tweets, and more
  • Comes on one easy-to-use USB flash drive (Can’t use a USB? Download also available. Ask us for details.)
  • Allows your organization to provide consistent information across childbirth classes, no matter who is teaching

Empowering you to empower new parents!
With our ready-to-use packaged presentation, you won’t need to create a presentation from scratch, search for your own images and videos, or get permission to use them. Plus, you can stop carrying around flip charts and DVDs—it’s all in here, including engaging video clips from our new Understanding Birth 4th Edition video program

Teaching virtually? Simply open the PowerPoint presentation on your computer and share your screen.

Customize Your Presentation at No Additional Cost!
Make it your own by customizing your presentation to meet your teaching needs—move slides, add text, insert your logo, and add information about your services. Create an express version and more!

Slides and embedded video clips are delivered over eight chapters:
Pregnancy, Labor, Birth Stories, Comfort Techniques, Medical Procedures, Cesarean Birth, Newborns, Postpartum, PLUS Follow-Along Exercises (view content details)

Purchase includes PowerPoint User’s Guide, Facilitator’s’ Guide, and Parent Handouts.

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Additional Information

Closed Captioned Yes
Release Year 2021 (4th Edition ENGLISH), , 2022 (4th Edition SPANISH)
Ages 13 - Adult
Additional Information: Approx. 200 slides and 68 video clips included in 4 presentations: Compatible with Windows & Mac Computers (6-8G storage space is needed to transfer to desktop)

Guides & Handouts

Call 800.326.2082 for more information.

To request a FREE 30-DAY online preview, contact Customer Care at 800.326.2082 x2.

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