How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children

How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children

A blueprint for better parenting.

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Volume 2: Toddlers


Volume 3: Preschoolers

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Based on the book, How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children, by Gerald Newmark, PhD, this interactive program teaches parents how to create an emotional connection so their child can thrive. Focusing on relational parenting, each volume features an overview of emotional needs, common parent-child conflicts, and how parents can modify their reactions to meet their child’s critical emotional needs: to feel respected, important, accepted, included, and secure. Parents will also learn skills to help reduce stress and maintain their own emotional health.

Content Includes:

Volume 1: Babies

  • Acknowledging vs. Ignoring Needs – responding to crying, engaging with and talking to babies, being respectful
  • Accepting vs. Suppressing Self-Expression – difficult transitions, being flexible, staying calm
  • Supporting vs. Discouraging Exploration – creating safe spaces, stimulating learning, including babies in family activities
  • Parent Skills – how to cope with exhaustion and frustration, time management, parent self-reflection

Volume 2: Toddlers

  • Promoting vs. Limiting Toddler Independence – offering choices, patient communication, letting them try new things
  • Acknowledging Wants and Desires vs. Shaming – toddler lack of self-control, public tantrums, calmly setting limits
  • Understanding vs. Overreacting To Curiosity – keeping toddler in sight, redirecting to another activity, toddler memory limitations
  • Parent Skills – family activities and values, taking a parent time-out, creating a parent community

Volume 3: Preschoolers

  • Staying Neutral vs. Being Overly Critical – sibling conflict, talking about emotions, listening without judgment
  • Being Attentive vs. Inconsiderate – respectful communication, keeping promises, when to be flexible about limits
  • Giving vs. Controlling Decision-Making Power – dealing with power struggles, respecting child’s preferences and opinions, critical thinking skills
  • Parent Skills – conflict resolution and anger management, work/life balance, family meetings and communication

Click here to learn more about Dr. Newmark's non-profit organization,The Children's Project.

Additional Information

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Closed Captioned English Only
Release Year 2013
Program Length Vol. 1, 24 min. • Vol. 2, 23 min. • Vol. 3, 28 min.
Ages 13-Adult
Additional Information: Spanish Version Available April 2013
Number of Volumes 3-Volume
Price 3 Vol. Set: $299.85 • Single Vol: $124.95
Program Consultants

Gerald Newmark, Ph.D., founder of The Children’s Project • Deborah Newmark, co-founder of The Children’s Project • Karen Drazen, MA, NCC Laurie Haessly, MA, RD, IBCLC Laurie Houde, BSN, RN Almeta R. Keys, M.Ed. Maureen Kloser, RN, BSN, ICCE • Jody Martin • Debra Samuel


“Aside from this tough economy, parents are faced with many real-life stressful situations that they are finding more and more difficult to deal with… their problems are getting more complex and their children are most at risk to feel the brunt of their parents’ frustrations. There are many educational books and DVDs out there, but many are too hard for the parents to understand the ideas and techniques they need to possess in order to raise emotionally healthy children. I found the How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children book and DVD to be just right for our parents to ensure successful outcomes in every avenue of their lives.”
Almeta Keys M.Ed.,
President D.C. Head Start Association




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