Understanding Pregnancy: A Comprehensive Guide Video Program

Prenatal education for total teaching flexibility



Motivate expectant parents to make healthy choices throughout pregnancy. With updated research-based recommendations, our Understanding Pregnancy video program models healthy habits and partner involvement, all while stressing the importance of good prenatal health. This pregnancy class resource is brought to life with stunning 3D fetal development animation, relatable families, engaging interviews, and attention-grabbing graphics.

What’s Included:

  • Now formatted in shorter clips for time-crunched teaching and improved learner engagement
  • New video playlist options allow you complete flexibility to choose what works for your teaching situation, including full program, express, by trimester, and fetal animations
  • Updated portions of the program with new footage and interviews, recorded new narration, and redesigned graphics throughout 
  • New infographics share information in a way that’s accessible and easy to remember
  • Content updates, including new information on marijuana, vaping, preterm labor, body piercings, intimate partner violence, and more
  • Updated and modernized Parent Handouts
  • Reorganized Facilitator’s Guide with all-new teaching tips and updated class activities

An easy-to-use menu allows you to choose the playlist you need and the option to play a group of video clips or just a single clip!

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Additional information

Closed Captioning

English Only

Release Year

Updated 2020

Program Length

78 min. • Bonus: 34-min. condensed version and 5-min. fetal development section



Product Purchase Includes

Facilitator's Guide & Parent Handouts

Number of Volumes

Single Volume


  • Gold Award - Health & Fitness

    2013 Aurora Awards
  • Silver Award - Patient Education

    2012 Health Information Awards


  • The focus on pregnancy wellness and factual information is paramount to our clinic. It’s fabulous to have Understanding Pregnancy as a reputable resource that we can count on to provide up-to-date, research-based advice.

    Kristin Glenn, MBA, LC, CCBE

Chapters Include:

  • Understanding Fetal Development (4 clips)
  • Understanding Medical Car​e (3 clips)
  • Understanding Nutrition (4 clips)
  • Understanding Exercise (2 clips)
  • ​Understanding Discomforts (3 clips)
  • ​Understanding Hazards (2 clips)
  • Understanding Emotions (3 clips)

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