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Safe Passages: Walking Together for Maternal Life International

Fundraising Campaign & Walk

Every woman has a right to a safe pregnancy— in the U.S. and around the world. InJoy is honored to support the work of Maternal Life International (MLI), an organization that provides hands-on training for birth attendants and supplies for communities in rural Africa through their Safe Passages program. Our shared mission to increase the number of families who experience safe, supported births brings us together for this important campaign.

Why It Matters

A woman in Africa has a 1 in 40 risk of dying from complications of pregnancy or childbirth.

Compared to 1 in 2,900 in North America.

The maternal death rate in Africa is 640 of every 100,000 births.

Compared to 14 in 100,000 in developed countries.

African women who live more than 20 miles from a hospital have nearly 4 times the risk of maternal mortality.

Compared to women living within 3 miles of a hospital.


  • In many regions in Africa, pregnant women may have received no prenatal care.
  • They may deliver in their village with a traditional birth attendant who does not have the training or basic equipment to manage an obstetrical complication.
  • They may die from a hypertensive crisis, obstructed labor, or a postpartum hemorrhage without ever reaching a hospital.
  • They may reach a health facility and find there is no skilled birth attendant, no medications, and no capacity for a blood transfusion or Cesarean section.

This delivery bed in Ethiopia is typical of those found in rural African health centers

Providing Solutions

The Safe Passages program integrates best practices in obstetrical care into a step-by-step training and resource assistance program to address the leading causes of maternal mortality and morbidity. The program emphasizes respect-based care that honors the culture of each area it serves.

About the Campaign

In addition to collecting donations to provide much-needed supplies for the Safe Passages program, InJoy’s CEO, Carlos Descalzo, will be personally raising funds through a 7-day supported walk across Kenya later this year. He walks in solidarity with women who must walk a great distance to receive care and will personally deliver some of the needed equipment to one rural hospital. InJoy will also be raising money through a 5K employee and virtual walk later this year.

Your Monetary Donations Will Directly Help the Program

The Safe Passages program is run by a very small team and can really use your help! Your donations will allow the program to purchase practical items to care for pregnant women in resource-scarce areas. Here are some examples of the type of items needed and their cost.

  • Portable ultrasounds ($5,000 ea)
  • Transducers ($1,150 ea)
  • Printers ($500 ea)
  • Bakri balloon/BT Caths ($184 ea)
  • Blood pressure cuffs ($50 ea)
  • Stethoscopes ($120-200 ea)
  • Anti-shock garments (NASG) ($140 ea)
  • JADA Devices ($1,300 ea)
  • Cradle Vital Signs Monitors ($75)
  • Upright newborn resuscitation bags and masks ($30 ea)
  • Hemostats ($5-10 ea)
  • Needle drivers ($10-15 ea)

Care team using supplies to practice neonatal resuscitation techniques

Care team learning how to take someone’s blood pressure

All funds raised go directly toward Maternal Life International to help supply the necessary equipment and training to assist pregnant and birthing families in their area. No funds raised go toward the personal travel cost for the walkers. Donations are tax deductible. Tax information will be sent by MLI to contributors.

In addition to monetary donations, Safe Passages will consider equipment donations. Does your organization have any of the items included above to donate? Email [email protected] to see if they can take the items.

Thank You to These Generous Sponsors for Supporting the Cause

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