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How has the Corona virus affected your classes?


To Malissa's question, some hospitals charge for eclasses and some don't. We recommend that you do charge for eclasses. Patients are getting a valuable resource along with the convenience of not having to leave their homes and squeeze their learning in throughout their days. 




Dear InJoy Customers, 

 Like many of you, our small company has been living under uncertainty over the past week as the COVID-19 pandemic evolved very rapidly on a global scale. While we adjust to all the changes, we will continue providing our services with as little disruption as possible.   

 We are putting together different options and information so that you can use our products to continue supporting the families you serve. Today, we are releasing these free options for those who need them to complement your existing InJoy materials:  

NEW: online Understanding Birth LIVE PowerPoint, a condensed presentation without videos optimized for use in short, live-streamed webcasts during the pandemic crisis. ACCESS NOW  

NEW: Free Online Birth Story Videos that parents can watch on their own before or after your presentation during the pandemic crisis. You can share the link with individual parents in your personal emails and communications with them. 

 With fewer than 30 employees, the InJoy family is dealing with the same uncertainties as everyone else. We love what we do and are finding comfort in knowing we are all in this together. Helping you is helping us! With your support, we remain committed to you during this time of adversity and will continue to develop learning materials with the same quality you’ve always expected from us. 

We also want to thank everyone who has contacted us. Many of you were prepared to cope with these changes. Others are discovering new ways to reinvent the way they teach with our products. We know that no one solution fits everyone, so we continue working hard to accommodate everybody’s needs and provide valuable information on how to use our products. 

Just a personal note: my extended family lives in Spain, and I’ve witnessed their suffering over the last week. My brother and my best friend are currently battling the virus, and many other friends and family members are isolated at home, losing their livelihoods. Nevertheless, it is uplifting to talk to them every day, and their optimism and encouraging words give me hope in this time of uncertainty. 

If anyone is struggling or has questions, please reach out. If you need to provide digital content to your parents, we are here to help! Please call 1-800-326-2082 x2 or email [email protected].  

Other helpful coronavirus and pregnancy resources:  





 Carlos Descalzo & The InJoy Team  

At the hospital I work at, we will be charging for them. Just a little less than what we charge for the in-person classes.  I am also doing a meet-up with the students vitrually.

At our hospital, we charge a fee for online classes but it also is reduced from our in-hospital classes. When we canceled all of the classes, we sent an email out pointing couples to our online classes. However, there is not an online Infant CPR class. We gave them the information for the AHA CPR Anytime Kit for $38. It comes with a DVD, a book, and a blow-up infant manikin to practice on. We quickly took pictures of all areas a couple would go during their stay at our hospital and we are trying like crazy to make a virtual tour. Everyone is trying to hard to make these expectant families feel comfortable during these scary times. L&D patients have their own entrance with their own screeners when they come in. They are shielded from the general public in the Emergency Department. They even have their own separate elevator. I hope this helps.

Cathy Allen

We're adding additional eClasses from InJoy and looking into Zoom for some face to face time with an educator.  Thank you InJoy for your help, I am finding the webinar and posted information helpful as we navigate this new path with education!

Hi!  We already had been offering Injoy's eClasses for about a year and a half prior to Covid, along with all of our in-person classes.  When all in-person classes were cancelled I added several eClass titles, Understanding Your Newborn and Understanding Infant and Child Safety to our offerings. When we cancelled their in-person classes we offered to enroll them in the eClass title that matched the in-person class they were enrolled in. That was a great option for our parents for about a month until reality hit that we weren't going to be doing any in-person classes any time soon.  That is when I learned Injoy was offering free digital licensing for their shortened version Understanding Birth Power Point (which we already use for our classes.) I decided to offer webinars (using Zoom) for our Childbirth Education Classes and our Breastfeeding Basics classes using Injoy products. I have purchased and provide the Companion Web Apps for each of those titles to everyone registered in these webinars.  That way they can view the videos and it enhances the quality of their learning experience. Patients are thrilled to have this option and I have been getting a lot of positive feedback from them.  So, we are still offering eClasses (I have sold over 200 seats since 3/14/20) and the webinars.  In May our program income was equal to a really good month when we were offering all of our classes.  Thanks Injoy for all of your products and support during these challenging times!


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