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How has the Corona virus affected your classes?


Has COVID-19 created a disruption in your classroom? How have you continued to educate your students? 


Our hospital won't allow meetings of more than 8 people so we are figuring out how to do something online. We will probably use the InJoy eClass and a Zoom discussion.  What is happening with other hospitals? 

Same with my hospital.  What’s the InJoy eclass all about? Is Zoom like Skype?

Hi Bianca,  We are are going to use the Understanding Birth and Understanding Breastfeed online eClass and offer it as a substitute for our in-person classes while social distancing is needed.  Then I am going to offer a 1-2 hour Zoom "meet-up" for each topic. 

I wonder what other people are doing. 

There are a number of options our customers are using throughout the country during this time. 

  1. eclasses - completely online, easy to use, complete evidence-based information
  2. sending out app codes to patients via email with instructions. The app titles of Understanding Birth, Breastfeeding, Newborn are the most popular right now.
  3. Getting a digital license for the InJoy video or PowerPoint so you can legally show the content through a webinar. 

Please call us with questions!


Regional Manager for the South 

[email protected]


Customer Service: 1-800-326-2082 X2

Given this crisis are you offering any type of discounts for hospitals that already own material for in person classes but now need to move to an online option?


We are here to help come up with solutions.  Please give us a call - 800-326-2082 x 2

My hospital has shut down classes for now so I’m trying to brainstorm online solutions 

Hi Philippa, Thanks for checking in.  We have several solutions that might suit you.  I'll have Dana give you a call tomorrow to find out your specific needs.

Regarding the eClasses, are hospitals charging for the eClasses or are they presented to patients for free?


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