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I am involved in education only, I don't work on the floor. Sometimes that makes me wonder if I am portraying things the way they really happen when a mom is in the hospital. Anyone else find a solution to this?

I think I have a unique situation. A few years ago we got a new manager and director over L&D and Women's Services. They have included me and my instructors in staff meetings, OB/GYN department meetings, Pedi Department meetings, Quality meetings, as well as Unit Based Counsel Meetings that involves postpartum and NICU. Sometimes I am asked to present and other times just being there they ask me what I teach in the classroom. I also designed a 1 page information sheet for our maternity tours. It is updated frequently as things change on the floor. The nurses frequently stop me and ask, what are you saying in class about this or that. Even at a quality meeting I have physicians tell me to be sure to include certain subjects in our classes. This has evolved over the last 4 years and I will say the InJoy played a big role in this transparency. As new programs were rolled out, nurses and physicians were allowed to view all materials. Our manager sends out a newsletter every Tuesday to update us on changes within the L&D department. All are expected to read them. That has helped tremendously. I think we are unique in this regard. I hope this helps.

Cathy Allen

That is great Cathy.  Thanks for sharing those tips.

Hi Jess!


Great to see you on here. Miss you.


Dana Clementi

Hi Jessica!  I think many educators have that challenge.  I also only work in education and my floor experience was at a different hospital, so when I started, I was really a stranger to the floor staff.  I asked my manager for permission to shadow for two days.  One day I spent in L&D observing deliveries, and the second day I spent on postpartum.  This was a GAME CHANGER for my classes.  Each hospital is SO unique in how they do things.  I am now able to really speak specifically on what to expect in my classes vs teaching what is "normally" done.  The floor nurses were very receptive to me shadowing and saw it as an olive branch to really unite our departments.  I think you would be surprised how much difference a couple of days of observation can make.  🙂 

Hi Dana!  Glad to see you on here!  Miss you and hope you are doing well 🙂

Hi Emma!

Thanks for your feedback.  I have an education team comprised of both inpatient nurses and nurses that are only childbirth educators.  Observation has been great and something we've recently encouraged.  I agree with you!  A couple days of observation can truly change your perspective.  

Hi everyone! When I taught classes for a hospital where I live, we taught classes in a totally different building on the the other side of town from the hospital! Fortunately, I was also a doula, so I attended many births at that hospital and got to see what happened during births there. I now teach at a non-profit organization that is not affiliated with any of the hospitals. Again, being a doula and seeing births at the local hospitals have helped me understand the various ways each one operated. I know not all educators are or choose to be doulas, but that personally helped me.


That has been a bonus for me too.  I haven't been a doula at the new hospital I am at yet.  But it sure is a bonus to see the unit in action! I did shadow a few nurses and will soon shadow lactation too.  That does help for sure! 

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