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Dear new educator me...

If you could write a letter to yourself as a new childbirth educator, what would you tell yourself?



Dear new cbe me,

Keep your passion but don't stop learning. Passion is your engine but learning is your gasoline (or battery if you have a Prius). You can only teach as much as you know and there is so much out there to know.  Don't worry about not "being enough" for the students you teach in the beginning. Your new knowledge and passion will help you help them. And don't forget resources.  Help them take charge by helping them find resources on their own and after class.

Since this is your heart work, pay attention to your heart.  It will steer you in the right direction.



Such a great message! Educators need to read this to recharge their batteries. We can get caught up when the day is busy and forget the reasons why we teach.

I agree!

Dear CBE,

You are a strong, confident woman and you can teach parents how to have better birth outcomes. You Love what you do and the parents feel that love . Keep teaching! Keep learning and keep loving!!


I would say get connected and stay connected. Join a group, network with those who are and who are not like minded. Participate in as many meetings and organizations focused on women's health as you can and be positive about it. Go to meetings and listen. When people are looking for solutions be ready to offer something that perinatal education and your work fits in with. I have found that not everyone is as passionate about birthing as I am, but when our passions overlap and I am not contentious but conduct myself as a colleague offering solutions, others develop an interest in what I am passionate about.

Examples would be breast cancer prevention and breastfeeding; maternal use of illicit drug addiction and healthy pregnancy / non-pharmac0logical pain management; decreasing maternal hemorrhage, elective induction and cesarean birth and physiologic birth, domestic violence awareness, ACEs and Social Emotional Literacy in new parent education. Pretty much everyone shares these goals. When perinatal educators are present and productive our value in all areas goes up.

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