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Use Video More Effectively with Our New Clip Library

Research shows that incorporating video into your teaching increases retention in adult learners, however, using video for education in today’s world has a new set of expectations. Introducing InClips, your one-stop solution for providing targeted and trusted video education on a wide range of topics by choosing from hundreds of clips.

InClips are a perfect solution when you:

  • Need to briefly explain a complex concept to a tired parent—InClips allows you to just pull out your tablet or use your patient system to show the relevant clip
  • Have a unique situation or question to cover with a short video—the breadth of the InClips library allows you to choose from a variety of specific situations
  • Are teaching under time constraints—InClips are short and can be interspersed during your sessions more easily than full-length programs
  • Want to show a DVD, but it’s missing or damaged—InClips uses digital video files, not a physical disc, and can be used by several educators at once
  • Want to stream video online but have an unreliable Wi-Fi connection—InClips can be loaded onto your system, or you can play clips offline through our InClips Player app
  • Need to enhance your own app or website with professionally-made videos—InClips can be licensed for use and are produced with InJoy’s strict quality standards, so you won’t strain your resources on video production

How do I learn more or get started? Read through the FAQs below and call us at 1-800-326-2082. We will discuss your needs and provide you with an online clip preview. Once you make your selections and we have all the necessary information, we’ll create a custom quote that fits your budget. After we have your approval, setup is quick and easy!

*Please note that the InClips Comprehensive Video Library and InClips Player will be available soon. However, many clips are available now for use through your own system. 

InClips FAQs

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  • Who should use InClips? Anyone responsible for parent education. Childbirth educators, clinicians, postpartum nurses, lactation consultants, public-health nurses, and other family educators can use InClips to explain concepts and answer spontaneous questions. Hospital marketing managers can use InClips to enhance their facility’s own apps and websites.  
  • Where can InClips be used? In a classroom, home visit, clinic, or at the bedside. If you have your own app or patient system, you can even provide access to the clips for parents to watch on their own.
  • Why choose InClips? Short, focused clips reduce tune-out and allow education to be personalized—increasing engagement and retention. Multiple users can access the content at the same time, nothing gets lost or broken, and you’ll always access the most updated content available.  Finally, you can stretch your budget by covering more topics for less money.
  • What topics are available? Clips cover pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum, and parenting, including special situations such as teen parents, NICU, and multiples. You can choose from suggested preset collections or create your own, and they’re available in English and Spanish.
  • What are the preset collections? Preset collections contain anywhere from 25 to 200 clips, or 1 to 10 hours of content per collection. Drawing from InJoy’s evidence-based videos with animations and authentic stories, each collection is created to target a certain topic and audience, and new collections and clips will be added regularly.
  • How can I preview the clips? A time-limited online preview is provided where you can view the collections or specific clips.
  • How long are the clips? Each clip is about 3-5 minutes.
  • What if guidelines change and a clip needs to be updated? InJoy will replace outdated clips with new ones, which is one of the many benefits of using InClips! We will notify you when an updated clip is made available.
  • How are the clips played once purchased? Choose your organization’s patient system, website, or app. Or, use our InClips player, which allows you to create your own playlists and play clips with or without an Internet connection on any type of device. Whatever method you use, InJoy's support team will help you every step of the way.

 Specific delivery methods include:

  • Patient interactive systems
  • Learning management systems for staff training
  • Your organization’s tablets
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Your own websites or apps
  • Waiting room systems
  • Our InClips player

Our Promise to You

Every InJoy childbirth education resource is…


Each product includes clear, high-quality videos and animations, helping you explain concepts easily and effectively.


InJoy’s experienced team, professional videography, and extensive quality-assurance process means you can trust that an InJoy product is a superior product.


We present evidence-based guidelines, utilize expert reviews, and update our products regularly, so you can be assured you are sharing the best information.


The colorful, fresh design used in every product appeals to today’s parents and helps them engage with the content—all while making your organization look good!


We listen to and collaborate with our customers every step of the way, so our products cover what you teach and are easy to use.

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