Season 5 Episode 6: Birth Is Not a Spectator Sport: The Important Role of Doulas in Childbirth and Postpartum with Julie Brill, CCCE, CLD, IBCLC


The concept and role of a doula is better understood these days by parents and health professionals, but the reality of a doula’s life may still be a mystery to some.  Today we will explore how Julie, who has practiced as a doula for 29 years, impacts the lives of the families she’s assisted as she shares her insights of life as a doula 

Julie Brill is the author of the doula anthology Round the Circle: Doulas Share Their Experiences. She has been teaching childbirth classes and attending births since 1992 and mentoring new birth professionals throughout New England as a member of the CAPPA Faculty since 2003. Additionally, she is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a Certified Holistic Lactation Consultant. Julie is in private practice in Bedford, MA, where she teaches prenatal breastfeeding classes and provides in-home breastfeeding consultations. She is also the mother of two adult daughters who she home schooled until they entered college. 

Listen and Learn:

  • How a doula – “just a woman in the room”—can make a big difference during birth  
  • What studies show about doulas 
  • How doulas have gained awareness over time 
  • What responsibilities doulas have
  • How nurses benefit from having doulas in the room and learning some doula skills
  • What various models of hospital doula programs look like 


Resources & Mentions:

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Continuous support for women during childbirth

Round the Circle and Birth Wisdom

Doulas Discuss Birth 


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