Season 3 Episode 8: Intimate Partner Violence in Teens with Mary Jo Podgurski of The Academy for Adolescent Health


First love is often thought of as special, sweet and innocent.  But sometimes that relationship can turn toxic.  As health professionals, we can make a difference in a young person’s life. In this episode we will discuss how pregnant and parenting teens are affected by abuse from a dating partner.  We will also learn how to build a trusting relationship with teens, even if you only have a short amount of time.  Our guest is Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski who is a sexuality educator and counselor along with being the past president of Lamaze International and a certified childbirth educator.  Her master’s and doctorate are in education.  She has worked with 250,000 teens, including serving over 15,000 teen parents.


Listen and Learn:

  • Rate of teens involved in intimate partner violence
  • Signs of intimate partner abuse
  • How to connect so that young people feel open to share this information
  • Why someone would stay in a bad relationship
  • How to help young people respect and love themselves enough to create good boundaries

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