Your Premature Baby (Clearance Item)

Your Premature Baby (Clearance Item)

Perfect for NICU education.

Volume 1: Preemie Basics & Medical Care


Volume 2: Interacting With & Feeding Your Baby


Volume 3: Going Home

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Give parents of preemies the essential information and emotional support they need. This specialized program answers common questions about the NICU, shares success stories, and most importantly, prepares the family for life at home.

Content Includes:

Volume 1: Preemie Basics & Medical Care

  • Defining Prematurity – parental emotions, causes of premature birth
  • Preemie Appearance & Behavior – what to expect, brain development, senses, movement
  • The NICU & Its Equipment – communicating with staff, isolettes, respirator, monitors, IVs
  • Common Medical Problems – Respiratory Distress Syndrome, apnea, jaundice, infection, reflux

Volume 2: Interacting With & Feeding Your Baby

  • Communication & Touch – cues, interaction, over-stimulation, touch
  • Kangaroo Care – how-to, benefits
  • Feeding – breastmilk benefits, pumping, learning to breastfeed
  • Taking Care of You – emotional health, support, postpartum depression, physical health

Volume 3: Going Home

  • Preparing for Discharge – rooming-in, training for baby care, car seat/bed
  • At Home With a Preemie – SIDS, preventing infections, responding to crying, pre-crying signals, feeding, sleep cycles
  • Early Development – corrected age, physical growth, promoting healthy development
  • Possible Long-Term Complications – hearing impairment, vision problems, muscle tone, learning disabilities

Additional Information

Closed Captioned English Only
Release Year 2008
Program Length 25 min. per Volume
Ages 13-Adult
Number of Volumes 3-Volume
Price 3 Vol Set.: $374.85 • Single Vol.: $149.95


"Parents across the continuum of the NICU experience will benefit from this series, from antepartum mothers anticipating the birth of a premature infant to families preparing to care for their special child on their own at home. Your Premature Baby addresses parents’ emotions, questions, concerns, and needs at each stage of their NICU journey."
- Christy Math RNC MS, Clinical Nurse Manager, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, University of Colorado Hospital

"Your Premature Baby is an excellent way to provide information to parents about what to expect in the NICU. It makes a tough time just a little bit easier-and is a great way for hospitals to provide very important information to families. The movies are easy to understand and enjoyable to watch!"
- Amanda Mascio RN, BSN, Clinical Nurse Educator, Neonatal ICU, University of Colorado Hospital


Best in Show - Aurora Awards

Golden Eagle Award
CINE Awards

Bronze Award
National Health Information Awards

Facilitator's Guide With Parent Handouts:

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