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Exploring the Unment Needs of Postpartum Women

What do postpartum mothers really need, and who is looking out for them? What is currently missing from their experiences and expectations that we could remedy? Join us as we present information from two studies that deal with this topic. Cristalle Madray, MPH, is the primary author of "Exploring the Unmet Needs of Postpartum Mothers: A Qualitative Study" published in the "Journal of Perinatal Education" in April 2022. She spoke with a variety of mothers and sheds light on some of the gaps between practice and reality. Abby Halm, BA, a 4th year medical student at the university of Virginia, is part of a team looking at this subject from the healthcare provider’s view. This research is yet to be published, but Abby will give us insight into how healthcare providers can implement changes to make sure mothers have continuing support and care after birth so that we improve health outcomes for all.
NOTE: While we may use the words “woman/mother/breastfeeding/man/father” in this webinar, we respect all individuals and the labels with which they identify.

You will learn:

  • Mothers’ major concerns that they feel go unanswered in the postpartum period 
  • What support and education mothers expect and how they need better coping skills for parenting a newborn 
  • To use expectation-setting in the postpartum period as a tool to empower women 
  • How to think creatively about helping mothers identify and expand their social support network 
  • How integrating the care of women and infants may improve maternal access to healthcare, including mental health services, in the postpartum period
image of woman and baby after birth doing skin-to-skin contact

Meet Your Presenters
Photo of Cristalle Madray

Cristalle Madray, MPH

Cristalle Madray MPH, a Virginia local, is a graduate from the Masters of Public Health Program at the University of Virginia Medical School. Cristalle's particular interests in public health lie at the intersection of maternal and child health and health equity. Throughout her time at UVA, she was actively engaged in research within the UVA Health System, the Improving Pregnancy Outcomes Workgroup of the Virginia Department of Health, and the Early Childhood Funders Network in Charlottesville, VA. Since leaving UVA, she worked as a Senior Community Health Specialist for a not-for-profit hospital, during which she managed grants to fund postpartum care packages for low-income mothers. These endeavors allowed her to integrate her public health interests with a focus on underserved populations. Cristalle will soon be graduating as a Certified Physician Assistant with the intent to practice in OB/GYN.

Image of Abby Halm

Abby Halm, BA

Abby E. Halm BA, a Virginia native, is a graduate of Rice University, where she earned a degree in mathematical economic analysis. A senior-year internship at Baylor College of Medicine's Center for Humanities and Health Policy placed her at the intersection of the humanities, social sciences, and medicine, and this sparked her interest in medicine. Abby completed Goucher College's post-bacc premed program and worked in the Social Networks in Neurology lab at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, before matriculating at UVA to study medicine. Abby is a 4th year medical student at the University of Virginia. A member of the Generalist Scholars Program at UVA, Abby actively seeks out opportunities to understand better how every person's experiences and "world" impact their health and healthcare. She is excited to be beginning her pediatric training at the University of Utah Pediatric Residency this July.

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